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The Left’s Legacy – Subjugation, Misery, and Death

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There have been four modern revolutions of consequence: America (1775), France (1789), Russia (1917), and China (1949).  Only one led to freedom.  The Left is intent on making it zero. We have been witnesses to the gradual suicide of our culture, self-government, and freedom, which is happening at an accelerated rate.


Ideas have consequences. Our western culture and popular worldview has been influenced by reductionists, materialists, and relativists like Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci and Charles Darwin.  Their ideas bore within themselves the seeds of their own destruction but not without cost to countless millions.  The Left’s ideas were employed by Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and Margaret Sanger.  In the 20th century, Nazism, Fascism, and Communism were all atheist governments and killed more of their own citizens, close to 100 million people, than all the people that have died in all the wars of mankind as detailed in “The Black Book of Communism:  Crimes, Terror, Repression.”  Since 1960, there have been 2.3 billion abortions.

The Left’s ideas, embodied in the Frankfurt School, came to the shores of the United States in 1934 via Columbia University. Fueled during the turbulent 1960s, they have infected academia, and made their place in America as cultural Marxism, rebranded as progressivism. 

Today, critical race theory and socialism, viewed favorably by our youth, is comprised of five fundamental pillars:  Godlessness, authoritarianism, big government and the welfare state, group identity and victimhood, and totalitarianism (socialism through communism).  Contrast that with America’s founding principles:   Judeo-Christian values, liberty, limited self-government and independence, self-reliance and personal responsibility, and capitalism and free markets.


Dennis Prager has spoken and written eloquently of how the Left ruins everything it touches from academia, to free speech, to football, to late night comedy, and the arts.

We are a nation of laws based upon Judeo-Christian morality.  As you walk up the steps to the US Supreme Court, you can see near the top of the building a row of famous lawgivers, and each one is facing Moses, who is standing in the middle holding the Ten Commandments. As you enter the courtroom, the two huge oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower part of the door. As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see a display of the Ten Commandments right above where the Supreme Court justices sit.

Our most fundamental legal document is the US Constitution.  Our most precious amendment is the First Amendment. The Left has conducted a relentless assault on the First Amendment.  During the Covid pandemic, blue state governors closed churches in many states including New York, California, and Colorado.  These restrictions were overturned by the Supreme Court.  Blue state governors employed draconian lockdowns which restricted our freedom of movement and assembly, closed schools and businesses, and took away our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The Democratic proposed Equality Act will criminalize Christianity and institutionalize religious bigotry.  The Left is the party of censorship over debate and enforcement of hegemonic thought via Big Tech, woke Big Corporations, and the latest incarnation, cancel culture.  The Obama administration politicized the DOJ, FBI and IRS to attack its political enemies.  The Left subjugates and destroys; it does not create or protect.


Progressive icon Woodrow Wilson established the federal income tax and federal reserve which has been used to fund, via taxes, inflation, and borrowing, the ever-expanding federal government.  FDR significantly expanded the scope of the federal government with the New Deal.  LBJ made the next leap with the Welfare state.  Total welfare costs have risen from $722 per person in poverty in 1964 to $22,740 per person in 2019.

Since then, the out-of-touch political class has continued to increase our federal debt to reach the near unsustainable level of 107 percent of GDP.

Biden signed the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill into law with less than 10 percent of the bill directly linked to Covid relief while $1 trillion, of the previously authorized $4 trillion Covid relief, goes unspent.  Biden wants to add to our debt burden with his push for another $3 trillion in climate change boondoggle spending.  With all of Joe’s proposed profligate spending comes additional taxes which will further crush the economy and incentives for the job creators.

The Democrats’ political, election, and governing strategy is fueled by identity politics, which is the opposite of e pluribus unum, from many, one.  The Left’s power has been attained at the irreparable cost to our social fabric and further polarization of our country. The recent shooting in Atlanta spawned the media narrative of white hate crimes against Asian-Americans when in fact 85 percent of violent crimes against Asians are committed by blacks.


A week later, after the horrific shooting in Boulder, the media wanted to create the disgruntled white supremacist narrative which collapsed when it was revealed the individual is a Syrian refugee, posted Trump hate comments on social media, was on the FBI watch list, and suffered from mental illness.  The Left and Democrats make these bogus claims to demonize and divide America by race and ethnicity in an attempt to create more Democratic voters.

There are countless examples of socialisms and communism’s failures:  East v West Germany, North v South Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.  Yet the Left still believes in their utopian fantasy.  Since 1990, capitalism (open and free markets) has lifted over 2 billion people out of poverty, those earning less than $1.90 per day.  The Left always touts Sweden but Sweden rejected its failed socialism experiment back in the ‘90s.  Before the implementation of welfare state policies, Sweden’s growth rate was the highest among industrialized nations which dropped precipitously to 13th after adoption of the welfare state. In the 1970s, Sweden abandoned entrepreneurialism in favor of government spending, regulations and high taxes.  New business formation dropped significantly after 1970. In 2004, “38 of the 100 businesses with the highest revenues in Sweden had started as privately-owned businesses within the country. Of these firms, just two had been formed after 1970. None of the 100 largest firms ranked by employment were founded within Sweden after 1970. Furthermore, between 1950 and 2000, although the Swedish population grew from 7 million to almost 9 million, net job creation in the private sector was close to zero,” according to The Epoch Times.


Continuing to give the Left power will result in the end of the American experiment.

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