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AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Kyle Green

This week, our extended family added to the discontent, frustration, and irritation of the Left’s long march to destroy Western civilization. How? Our married daughter and stay-at-home mom gave birth to a beautiful little girl and our second grandchild. We all celebrated this joyous occasion and precious gift of life.  As parents, we are extremely grateful for their marriage, her devoted husband, a healthy baby, their Christian faith, and that this baby girl was born in America, the land of freedom, opportunity, and equality. 


But how does the progressive Left, their ideology, and policies view our joyous occasion? In the Left’s dystopian world, they have done everything to prevent it from happening and have pushed an agenda that is anti-family, anti-Christian, and anti-America.

For starters, the Left doesn’t believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage nor the complimentary nature of the sexes.  California banned same-sex marriage in 2008 when voters passed Proposition 8. Unable to be passed via the legislative process, the Left pushed same-sex marriage through the court system in the 2015 Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court decision. Same-sex marriage ultimately undercuts and denies children their need for two gender parents.

The most successful social program that ever existed on the planet is the two-parent nuclear family.  Fatherless homes have a devastating impact on children:  71% of high school dropouts, 85% of youth in prison, 90% of homelessness, 5X more likely to experience physical abuse, 63% of youth suicides and 75% of adolescent substance abuse programs. One of BLM’s stated goals, common among Marxist organizations, is to end the nuclear family.  Instead of a loving husband and father, the Left would rather he be replaced by a nameless, faceless bureaucrat from the welfare state.  Any mayor worth his salt, knows that great cities are made from great neighborhoods.  Anyone with common sense and wisdom knows that families are the building block and pillars of a flourishing civilization.  If you destroy the family, you destroy society.  


The second egregious attack on the family and relationship between the sexes was the 1973 Roe v Wade decision. Since its passing, there have been 65 million abortions. Today, just under 20% of pregnancies are terminated.  One of the greatest institutions of humanity is the institution of marriage and the family based on the need for unconditional love.  Abortion can be described many ways but “unconditional love” is not one of them.  Planned Parenthood (I.e. unplanned abortion) is a $1.6 billion annual revenue abortion mill, performs nearly 40% of all abortions in the US, and is a permanent feature of the Democratic platform.  The Mexico City Policy which prevents foreign aid from being used to fund abortions abroad, instituted by Ronald Reagan and re-introduced by every Republican president since, has been rescinded by every Democratic president including being rolled back by “Catholic” Joe Biden on January 28, effectively exporting a culture of death.

Consistent with science and biology, our granddaughter is a girl and is indicated as such on her birth certificate. But according to Demi Lovato and the LGBTQ, anti-science, anti-biology world of the Left, stating a baby’s sex at birth is “transphobic.” Erasing gender from society is disingenuous, cruel, and confusing to a child’s social development, and robs them of their unique nature.  It shifts us from a society that is colorful, vibrant and distinctive to one that is grey, dull, and homogenous.  For boys, this had led our public schools to medicate them into convenient passivity instead of channeling their natural energy.  Rather than nurturing and helping boys aspire to be honorable men, the Left wants to emasculate them.  For girls, the proposed Equality Act will put them at risk by allowing any man who identifies as a woman to have access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and dormitories and will end Title IX by allowing men to compete against women in sports.  For girls, the Left tells them it is not okay to be “just a mom,” attempts to normalize Michele Williams acceptance speech at the Golden Globes where she justified her abortion (child sacrifice) to further her career, tries to steer women towards occupations they independently choose not to work, and deters them if they decide to leave the workforce to raise their family. 


Not only does the proposed Equality Act put women at risk, it will, in effect, criminalize Christianity with a carve out exclusion of the 1983 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If the Left ever reads the Bible they see rules, restrictions, and bigotry.  When a Christian reads the Bible, they find answers, liberation, and love.  The uniqueness, greatness and exceptionality of Western Civilization is the combination of revelation (Jerusalem) and reason (Athens).  A thief just wants your money.  The Left wants your soul.  The Left has persistently chipped away at the Judeo-Christian values on which this country was founded.  Instead of seeing the genius of our Founding Fathers, they disrespectfully refer to them as “dead white men.”  Instead of seeing America as a shining city on the hill that ended slavery, expanded the rights of women, invented the modern world, defeated Nazism, and fought communism’s expansion, the Left sees America as systemically racist and oppressive.   The Left is building and deploying curricula into our public schools to indoctrinate our children into hating America; Critical Race Theory and the NY Times 1619 Project are just two examples.  A generation that hates its country, will not defend it, nor fight for it.  The most recent example of insanity is a NY Democrat that is pushing for Sex Ed that would school 11 years-old in pansexuality and anal sex.  Smart parents will run for the school door exits because they know that freedom, which requires morality and individual responsibility, is never more than one generation away from extinction.


Instead of following Left’s ideology into its inevitable cul-de-sac, we will continue to endorse and celebrate traditional marriage, the complimentary nature of the sexes, the miracle of life, and be grateful that we were born in America, including our granddaughter.  And I am sure we will read her Dr Seuss, Curious George, and watch Looney Tunes together.

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