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This column was co-authored by Bob Morrison, a senior fellow at Family Researh Council.

They let Joe Biden out without a leash again. He went to China this month and pronounced the Communist giant’s one child policy “repugnant.” That was, of course, after he told a Chinese audience at Chengdu University that “your policy has been one which I fully understand—I’m not second-guessing—of one child per family.” Repugnant? Understandable? Which is it? Well, you need to have Joe Biden’s forty years of skilled diplomacy to be able to tell which.

Joe Biden has been underrated for too long. We don’t realize what an unusual talent we have just a heartbeat away from the presidency. The White House is trying to rectify that. They feature important contributions by Joe Biden on their website.

Here’s one that caught our attention: Joe Biden was being hailed for his contributions to the fight against domestic violence against women. Well, we’re certainly all against that. But Biden did more than we did. He authored a bill—The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)—to show how much he is against it: The White House web site explains:

Written and championed by then-Senator Biden, VAWA focused on improving the criminal justice response to domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault.

Now, that law, VAWA, was all about domestic violence against women. As opposed to violence against women in foreign nations. Like China, for example.

China Scholar Steven Mosher knows something about China and about violence against women there. In the late 1970s, Steven Mosher was the first U.S. doctoral student permitted to study and write about life in rural China . Fluent in Chinese, Mosher lived among the peasants and wrote about their life with beauty, sympathy, and humor. Once, while visiting a humble Chinese café—a greasy chopstick if not a greasy spoon—the owner spied him sitting with the agricultural workers and construction gang members waiting for their noon meal. “You go upstairs,” the Chinese lady proprietor yelled at the obviously Western visitor, Mosher. “This place not fit for pigs. You eat upstairs.” Steven noted that the Chinese peasants sitting around the downstairs tables all laughed good naturedly and agreed with the owner.

But Steven Mosher uncovered something in rural China far more menacing than unhygienic eateries. In those days, like so many Western grad students, Steve Mosher considered himself pro-choice on abortion. Yet, he was shocked to find trucks roaring into these quiet villages. “Cadres”--as Communist officials in China are called—were empowered to round up pregnant peasant women who were about to have their second or third child. The women cried piteously as they were forcibly pushed into the open trucks and hauled off to party headquarters. There they were kept, without family contact, and browbeaten into getting abortions. Some of these women were in their seventh, eighth, and even ninth month of pregnancy.

Shocked, Steven Mosher published an article about forced abortions in China . Even the New York Times managed to tut-tut its disapproval of forcing women to get abortions. But Stanford University was warned by the Beijing regime that they’d better get rid of Ph.D. candidate Steven Mosher or they would never send another grad student to China.

What could poor Stanford do? They didn’t have any nuclear weapons. So they quickly passed a rule to cover their stray scholar’s case—and promptly applied it to young Mosher. You think it’s not right to pass an Ex Post Facto law? Well, the Faculty Senate of Stanford University is not the U.S. Congress. So, faster than you can say General Tso’s Chicken, Mosher was pitched out of his graduate degree program and forbidden to re-enter the People’s Republic of China.

Now, Steven Mosher is president of the prestigious Population Research Institute. He has long since converted to Catholicism, is married, and the father of nine children. He remains a champion for the persecuted people of China.

Joe Biden was in the Senate in 1979. His greatest accomplishment of thirty-eight years in the U.S. Senate was the passage of the Violence Against Women Act. Now, he goes to China as a member of an administration that is giving $50 million to help China apply a one child policy which Biden thinks is “understandable” and “repugnant.”

China is probably the worst example of violence against women in history of the world. And 160 million girl babies have been killed by abortion in China and in other Asian cultures to which U.S. de-population aid will now be flowing.

Joe Biden will have a lot of explaining to do. To American taxpayers, to history, and to God.

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