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Leah Millis/Pool via AP

To say Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech was winning is the understatement of the new year. Measured, fact-filled, hard on liberals, a tasty feast for patriots and GOP political troops before Nov 2020. Plenty of emotion, especially by moving vignettes painted on a number of different Americans. Chief was a salute to gravely ill Rush Limbaugh, days after a cancer diagnosis. Rush was given the Presidential Medal of Honor by Melania Trump, who appeared shocked. Deeply moving

Emotion from tales and images of lost soldiers, a martyred young aid worker, a young Black girl seeking better education, a lost brother to an illegal alien, a premature one-pound baby, a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman and great-grandson, a returning soldier to his family, etc.

But there was a downside. That is if you’re a liberal. An impulsive, rude, demented granny isn’t a good look for any senior lady. But for Nancy Pelosi, it’s especially ghastly given the idiotic choices she’s wreathed herself and her party in. Such as the ill-advised and horrifically bungled impeachment. Like Empedocles, the modest philosopher who hurled himself into a live volcano to prove his deity, the Democrats have perfected the art of avoidable self-harm. 

Nancy celebrated this theme by churlishly ripping up Trump’s highly successful speech in a theatrical flourish while standing behind his chair. Given her antics during last year’s SOTU speech, which featured strange mouth movement, hand gestures to the crowd, antic mugging, inane faces, and even mouthing words, this was vintage Pelosi.

It seems the Democrat’s scheme is to pick a losing strategy, then keep doubling down. If one rejected, fact-free conspiracy against Trump doesn't work -- then, of course, two will! But the problem with politics by rejection and anger is that it’s not persuasive to the average person. Few people make their decision on the hatred of others. Further, the weird synchronicity of deceit in both the Mueller & Ukraine investigations guaranteed that many Americans are now drawing the conclusion that the Democrats only have lies to build a future upon.

Nancy’s decision to double down on insulting Trump so soon after the impeachment dismissal will strike many as crazy. Further, Pelosi doesn’t gather that her shelf-life date has arrived. Perhaps she can’t accept the fact that her tenure is not only finished, but ended with dismal mistakes that made her look unhinged and her party completely incompetent – like the Iowa vote debacle The fact the Iowa vote tally app debacle was somehow part of one candidate’s campaign will hit many Bernie voters as being too coincidental, and totally bizarre.

In terms of a failed impeachment, it’s truly remarkable how the Dem’s refusal to follow up on basics of investigation, like calling witnesses, meant they could not be available later. So, this undertaking was doomed and as failed as Antonio Brown’s 2019 wide receiver season.

Now, in watching Nancy’s big brown troubled eyes dart back and forth during the SOTU speech, like an endangered panda seeking the last known bamboo shoot...what is going on here? When Nancy sat making faces and studying Trump’s speech, it seemed odd. But her ripping up the text was somehow even more disrespectful than her clapping directly into Trump’s face last year, like a seal begging for a fish stick. Is Nancy nuts, or just really good at seeming deranged? Seriously, after her disastrous and myopic leadership, how can Nancy last even one more day as a leader? Wouldn’t that be like naming Typhoid Mary as head of the CDC?!!

Question -- Do Democrats really think they can avoid any penalty for their double dishonesty disasters of the Mueller and Ukraine conspiracy? Or do they think the laws of the universe don’t apply to them? The democrats have burned their own followers and communicated to anyone paying attention they are the wrong group to trust with power or to expect leadership from. And Trump now gets a lot of benefit of the doubt. With so many bad leaders and ridiculous decisions, is there any hope for a democrat win in 2020? In all reality, probably not Stay tuned, sports fans!.

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