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Here we go again. 

After years of witch hunts over bogus "Russian collusion," false accusations, election interference, and more, power-hungry Democrats are at it again, and their tactics are escalating. 

In July 2019, President Donald Trump had a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. During their conversation, Trump encouraged Zelenskyy to look into corruption from the Biden family, led by Hunter on behalf of his father, Joe Biden, inside the country. The corruption was real, and given Joe Biden was Hunter's business partner, who set up nearly two dozen shell companies to funnel millions of dirty dollars to his family, the question was relevant to U.S. national security and interests. 

When Democrats on Capitol Hill got news of the phone call, they started impeachment proceedings against Trump and argued he was improperly using the government to go after his top political opponent, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president at the time. 

More than three years later, that standard doesn't apply when Democrats are in power. 

For nearly a decade, the left tried to beat Trump down and eliminate him from political power. After all, he's a threat to the status quo and has a skillful way of getting the very real and deeply corrupt Deep State of Washington, D.C., to expose themselves. Despite multiple attempts, they've failed to complete their mission. And yet, they're trying again with a 37-count indictment of "espionage" and "conspiracy" against him, handed down by the Department of Justice this week. Federal prosecutors claim he mishandled classified documents, ignoring the fact presidents hold the highest security clearance and can declassify anything they wish. 

Biden is incapable of properly campaigning against Trump, the current Republican frontrunner, so he's weaponizing federal law enforcement to do it for him. His behavior, backed by a corrupt political system and the media, proves they will not hesitate to tear the country apart so long as they remain in power. For the left, the ends always justify the means, and the downfall of America as we know it is simply a side effect. 

Adding to the brazen nature of Biden's government crusade against Trump, the indictment dropped on the very same day a whistleblower revealed details about Biden allegedly taking a $5 million bribe in exchange for changes in U.S. foreign policy. According to an FBI document seen by Republican lawmakers, this happened while Biden served as President Barack Obama's vice president. The bribery alone is grounds for impeachment, and so are Biden's obvious moves to cover up the scandal while occupying the Oval Office. 

The current White House, to no one's surprise, is refusing to offer context and claiming ignorance of the DOJ's pursuit. The facts show otherwise and prove Biden isn't interested in preserving "norms" as he claimed during the 2020 presidential election. Instead, he's happy to use the DOJ to harass his number one political opponent. 

For all the talk that Trump can't beat Biden in a 2024 presidential matchup, Biden, the DOJ, the White House, and the Democratic power complex are sure acting scared. The pain is the point, and they're trying to get Trump to quit, proving they've learned nothing about how he operates. He isn't quitting. Instead, he's been fueled to fight on and win back the White House. 



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