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Black Lives Matter

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The rage over the death of George Floyd continues throughout America as Black Lives Matter, an organization that has called for the killing of police officers, runs roughshod over elected officials in cities across the country.

But what about the lives of black Americans who have been snuffed out or destroyed as a result of this violent quest for "justice"?

In the Bronx, deli owner and worker Lucy Hosley lost her store to rioters.

"The problem that bothers me. You said black lives matter. I worked here part-time, plus I'm part owner of this store. You say black lives matter. Why don't you choke me? I'm black, look what you did to my store. Look! Look what you did to my store," she said, showing the damage. "We've been here all night cleaning up, all night cleaning. Tell me 'Black Lives Matter.' They're lying. You wanted to loot the store. You needed money? Get a job! Like I do. Stop stealing. This is a neighborhood. We're trying to build it up, and you're tearing it down."

In Minneapolis, a disabled woman named Stephanie broke down in tears over the destruction of her neighborhood and what it means for her future.

"They went straight to Office Max, to Dollar Store and every store over here that I go to. I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get there because the buses aren't running. These people did this for no reason. It's not going to bring George [Floyd] back. George is in a better place than we are," she said during a local television interview. "Last night, I'm going to be honest, I wished I was where George was because this is ridiculous. These people are tearing up our livelihood. This is the only place I could go to shop, and now I don't have anywhere to go. I don't have any way to get there."

In Philadelphia, as reported by Townhall's Ellie Bufkin, one woman is livid over the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement and their standards.

"I'm gonna tell you about Black Lives Matter, cause I'm black. Ninety percent black on black crime...where are you, Black Lives Matter? Why don't you march on my f****** block where they're shooting everybody?" she said near Philadelphia City Hall.

"You're not out here for racism, you're not out here for oppression," she continued. "You're out here utilizing racial injustice for your own self."

Many on the Left have argued violence and rioting are warranted and justified. After all, they say, it's "just property damage." But the devastating damage and destruction of people's livelihood, hard work and dreams were only the beginning.

In St. Louis, retired Police Captain David Dorn was killed while trying to protect a pawn shop from looters. After shooting him over televisions, Dorn's murderers played his suffering and ultimate death on Facebook Live.

In Oakland, Federal Protective Services Officer David Underwood was shot and killed while responding to unrest in the city. His killers, who drove up to a federal building he was protecting and began shooting, are still on the run.

All of the people affected and described here are black Americans. They are and were stand up citizens contributing positively to their communities. Do their lives matter too?


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