'Nobody Takes America': Philly Woman Shuts Down Protestors Outside City Hall

Posted: Jun 03, 2020 3:00 PM
'Nobody Takes America': Philly Woman Shuts Down Protestors Outside City Hall

Source: Townhall Media/Ellie Bufkin

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A woman came prepared with a megaphone on Wednesday to put protesters in their place at Philadelphia City Hall. Following another night of damage, looting, and riots in the central part of the city, the Pennsylvania National Guard blocked access to the Philadelphia Municipal Building where they remained throughout the day. 

The presence of national guard in addition to the heavy deployment of Philadelphia police drew some protesters to the site in the morning and afternoon, hours before another demonstration was expected to amass in the city's center. 

The woman arrived briskly to the scene and immediately confronted a white, female protester before beginning her speech. She accused the protesters of creating havoc and violence, which closed businesses and prevented underprivileged families from getting necessities. 

*(Warning: graphic language)*

"They closed the CVS!" The woman exclaimed to the protester. "How are people supposed to buy soap?" The protester first called the woman a "f---ing wimp" and said that CVS was a big business and could fix their broken storefront. Of the people who needed access to the looted and boarded up stores and city districts, the protester only said that there were "other places" people could go. 

Sufficiently annoyed by the encounter, the woman strode to the middle of the National Guard line and picked up her microphone. First she gestured to the guardsmen saying they weren't here because of crimes against black Americans, but that they were here because of rioting and looting. 

"I'm gonna tell you about Black Lives Matter, cause I'm black," she said. "90 percent black on black crime...where are you Black Lives Matter? why don't you march on my f---ing block where they're shooting everybody?"

"You're not out here for racism, you're not out here for oppression," she said, "you're out here utilizing racial injustice for your own self...every day we kill each other, where are you?"

"You have Americans committing acts of domestic terrorism," she said of the rioters. "So hell, f---ing yeah, the military is coming to town motherf---er. Because nobody takes America. Nobody. That flag on their arm means something that you don't understand."

She told the crowd that they should be thankful that she wasn't the mayor of Philadelphia because she would have a sniper on every building and "boots on the ground" in every neighborhood. 

"Stop putting your black and white hands up, cuz you don't know what the f--- this means," she said. "As long as black people are killing each other, don't...raise that f---ing fist. As long as black people are selling drugs and poisoning their communities, don't raise that f---ing fist." 

"There is no power in killing your own race. There's no power in poisoning your communities. Now put your f---ing fists down." She ended her speech to subtle applause and jeers from the mostly white protesters who continuously lobbed insults at her as she expressed her frustration.

"Have a nice f---ing day," she said as she left the scene.

This article is part of a series of reports from the road as Townhall travels around the Acela Corridor this week to assess the health of American cities amid the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and protests following the death of George Floyd.