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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

After hours of debate on the House floor and cable news interviews about the “somber” and “sad” state of affairs in Washington, D.C., House Democrats moved to impeach President Trump in December. They did so on bogus charges that don’t constitute a crime, obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. 

Since President Trump was elected in November 2016, Democrats have been parroting the narrative that Americans must oppose his tenure in order to “save our democracy,” which is actually a republic. Right on cue, Democratic allies in the media followed suit and the Washington Post changed its slogan to “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Democrats are so serious about democracy and the will of the voters that they’ve bucked every normal implementation of it since January 20, 2017. 

As their own protest, more than 70 Democrats rejected the fair election of President Trump by boycotting his inauguration. Immediately afterward, Democrats like Congressman Al Green went to his office to write up articles of impeachment against Trump for the crime of simply beating Hillary Clinton.  

For context, if the peaceful transfer of power were being boycotted by members in a political party in a foreign country, the State Department would issue a statement to condemn it.

Late last year and after Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to provide Democrats with enough information to justify impeachment, they decided to go all in on a July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The plan was to look into corruption in Ukraine, of which Hunter Biden repeatedly took part while his father was vice president overseeing Ukraine policy. Getting too close to their “electable” 2020 candidate, Democrats went ballistic.

But after rushing through the impeachment process in the House, failing to properly call witnesses and build a case for the Senate to try, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held two articles approved by House Democrats. She refused to send them to the Senate, arguing she needed to be reassured Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would conduct a “fair” trial. For 33 days, despite Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Chief and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler warning President Trump had to be impeached and removed immediately for the sake of national security, she refused to take them to the other side of Capitol Hill. She did so after claiming democracy was “at stake.”

Finally, after gaining zero concessions from McConnell, Pelosi sent the articles. Instead of wearing black to signify her “serious” position, like she did the day of the impeachment vote in the House, Pelosi made pens with her golden signature on the side, handed them out like candy after signing the articles and then made her way to Bill Maher’s show for a fist bump.

"If I knew that the president was listening, I would want him to know that he is impeached forever,” she said with glee. A far cry from her claims early last year that impeachment shouldn’t be political and must be bipartisan.

Finally, President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate started this week. Democratic impeachment managers have been in the upper chamber for hours, arguing President Trump put our very system of free and fair elections at stake. They’ve said democracy must be protected and that because President Trump plans to “cheat” in November (a claim made without evidence), he must be removed.

Schiff, who has a long history of lying and literally making things up for the public record, completely exposed how Democrats really feel about American voters and the process.

"The president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won,” Schiff said during his opening argument.

In other words, unless a Democrat wins the White House, American voters can’t be trusted.

This is America. We do decide at the ballot box how the conduct of our lawmakers and political leaders should be handled.

The Left only cares about protecting democracy and the integrity of each individual vote when things go their way. When it doesn’t, they abuse the system and are currently using impeachment as a dangerous political weapon. Unlike President Trump making a phone call, their corrupt and abusive behavior does put the republic at stake.


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