Voter Fraud in the 2010 Elections? There's An App for That

Posted: Oct 29, 2010 12:01 AM
Voter Fraud in the 2010 Elections? There's An App for That

Four days to go until the 2010 midterm elections and already we have seen rampant voter fraud taking place in many states.

In Nevada, early voters noticed their ballots already had Senator Harry Reid’s name filled in before they had even voted. In Arizona, members of the group Mi Familia Vota, an open-border off-shoot of SEIU, dropped off 3,000 voter registrations on the registration deadline. Sixty-five percent of those registrations were found to be fraudulent due to false signatures, invalid addresses and registrants being illegal aliens. In California, people have reported being asked to hand over their absentee ballots to strangers at their front door.

American Majority Action, a bi-partisan organization based on free market principles, American individualism and citizen involvement in the political process, has created a voter fraud application people can download on their cell phones just in time for election day.

The goal of the application is to give voters the opportunity to report voter fraud in real time. The application is simple to download and reports of fraud can be tracked through GPS in order to locate activity.

“There is a ‘report an issue button,’ you push that and it opens the camera on your phone, takes a photo of the incident, opens a form, then you choose voter fraud categories and send it in,” said Austin James, Director of New Media Strategies for AMA. In addition, AMA has a long list of polling officials around the country who can then respond to incidents of voter fraud right away.

The day after the election, AMA plans to compile a list of reported issues and evidence of suspicious activity for Secretaries of State to look into. This holds government accountable for keeping elections clean.

AMA has been working closely with ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief in training voters and activists about how to detect fraudulent activity. Although ACORN is no longer a solid organization, it has been broken into smaller branches like Project Vote, American Institute for Justice, Communities United, Organization United for Reform and many more all over the country. Not being able to recognize these groups as ACORN off-shoots makes voter fraud easier. ACORN once had over 400,000 active members in 100 cities; they haven’t just gone away.

“Voter fraud is a huge issue, it is bigger outside of the Beltway than people realize,” James said.

According to James, positive reaction to the application has been overwhelming. AMA has received the most blowback from unions, and with SEIU members working the polls in the Nevada Senate race, this is no surprise. AMA has been accused of creating the application for partisan purposes, but James stresses AMA is a non-partisan organization simply providing transparency in elections for both the Left and the Right.

“Fair elections are the corner stone of the constitutional republic we have.”

You can get the application here.