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If America’s youth want any chance at having a stable economic future, free from total government control, I suggest they put down the Kool-Aid and start drinking some tea.


In 2008, then-candidate Obama ran on a theme of “Hope and Change.”

In an attempt to get his young and impressionable base to “buck up,” President Obama spoke at a rally held for University of Wisconsin students in Madison yesterday.

“Now, two years ago, you defied the conventional wisdom in Washington. The message out there was, no, you can’t. No, you can’t overcome the cynicism of our politics. No, you can’t overcome the power of special interests in Washington. No, you can’t make real progress on the big challenges of our time. No, you can’t elect a skinny guy with a funny name, Barack Hussein Obama. They said, no, you can’t. But what did you say, Wisconsin?” the president said after joking about sports teams.

“Yes we can!” responded the audience.

President Obama went on to slam big corporations and “rich” people while failing to mention that those evil people and corporations give recent college graduates jobs, a very rare thing this day in age.

“The basic theory of the Republican leadership was you cut taxes mostly for millionaires and billionaires. You cut regulations for special interests, whether it’s the banks or the oil companies or health insurance companies,” he said. Hopefully none of the students in the audience were going to school to get their engineering or finance degree.

According to the Economic Policies Institute, unemployment among people 16-24 years old is 18.9 percent and on top of that, a majority of college graduates have been so discouraged looking for full employment that they have stopped looking altogether. Youth fortunate to actually land a job after graduating may not have one on January 1, 2011, due to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to extend the Bush tax cuts, leading to the biggest tax hike in American history. More taxes equal less money to pay workers, especially in the middle of a recession. Without this tax-cut extension, employers will be forced to cut employees along with salaries, and lucky recent graduates will be first ones the chopping block.


In addition to cutting jobs, the Obama administration and liberal politicians have further burdened employers and individuals with higher health insurance premiums thanks to the passing of ObamaCare. Obama touted to UW students that young people can now stay on their parents’ insurance plan until the age of 26, but what happens when those parents can no longer afford health insurance due to heavy government regulation and involvement?

President Obama continued his speech by condemning the previous administration, repeating over and over again what happened before he took office, naturally painting himself as the victim of the economic crisis. Although he was speaking to college students, he sounded more like a child pointing his finger at the kid next to him in order to avoid getting placed in timeout.

“What we found when we arrived in Washington was the rawest kind of politics. What we confronted was an opposition party that was still stuck on the same failed policies of the past, whose leaders in Congress were determined from the start to let us deal with the mess that they had done so much to create,” the president said. “They realized that Obama was walking in and we had just lost 4 million jobs in the six months before I was sworn in.”

Well yes, that is precisely why young people elected President Obama along with other Democrats, to fix the problem which has only gotten worse through the continuation of reckless government spending. Dare I say a domino affect from TARP, which was put into place by President Bush?


John Kerry told a group of reporters in Boston recently, “We have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what's happening.”

When talking about the youth vote in 2008, John Kerry is correct. Our nation’s youth were not informed about real issues and what liberal polices would mean for their future. Instead of relying on facts, they fell for a man with a teleprompter and a simple slogan of “Hope and Change.”

Well here are the facts:

Under the Obama administration, overall unemployment has been hovering just below 10 percent, the president spent more money his first year in office than any other U.S. president (totaling $3.5 trillion), the deficit expanded to $1.3 trillion, and his new healthcare overhaul is already increasing health insurance premiums for individuals, families and employers.

Youth smell what Barack has been cooking, and they don’t like it.

Now, what does the tea party have to offer? It is simple. The tea party offers young people freedom and opportunity from government control, giving everyone the right to economic liberty and individual choice. Why is it that young people want to be free and independent, without anyone telling them what to do, but yet they vote for liberal politicians and policies, giving the government more control of their lives? Only the individual can fulfill their own dreams. America’s youth must take responsibility for their future.


“The other side would have you believe this election is a referendum on me or a referendum on the economy,” the president said.

President Obama is in charge and has been in charge with a majority in the House and Senate. America’s economic situation is his responsibility.

So youth voters have a choice to make on November 2: Tea or Kool-Aid?

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