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On Monday, CRTV host Allie Stuckey released a hilarious video showing her “interviewing” socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Although the quality of the video is very high, it’s obviously satirical and not meant to be taken as a real interview. It involves Stuckey asking simple questions to Ocasio-Cortez, who appears totally bewildered throughout the staged video.



The satirical “interview”—which looks like something you might see on a late-night talk show—quickly went viral, garnering more than 1 million views in its first day and drawing the ire of the left-wing media, which by Wednesday had mobilized a campaign to discredit Stuckey and paint the video as an attempt to fool unsuspecting people into believing Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t understand basic economics—something that seemed rather apparent during Ocasio-Cortez’s recent real-life interview on ABC’s “The View.”


In their attempt to protect Ocasio-Cortez, The Washington Post and other influential outlets attacked Stuckey following the release of the video, accusing her of spreading “misleading information” and demanding that Facebook remove the video or force Stuckey to issue a disclaimer.


In response to the video, Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter, “Republicans are so scared of me that they’re faking videos and presenting them as real on Facebook because they can’t deal with reality anymore,” also suggesting Stuckey deliberately tried to trick people.


Anyone who has followed Stuckey’s career knows she often posts satirical videos. Stuckey, who has branded herself “the conservative millennial,” became famous by utilizing the power of social media to present her free-market, pro-liberty views in an entertaining way. Her CRTV show is not “60 Minutes” or the NBC Nightly News, and it doesn’t try to be. To suggest that her fake interview was some sort of a diabolical plot to ruin the reputation of Ocasio-Cortez is beyond ridiculous, but there’s more to this story that’s worth thinking about. It’s not just another example of how overly sensitive the left-wing mainstream media has become.



Stuckey—like Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson, The Resurgent’s Gabriella Hoffman, Hadley Heath Manning at the Independent Women’s Forum, and Campus Reform’s Lawrence Jones, among many others—is part of a growing movement of conservative millennials in the media and public policy world who present a serious threat to the left-wing establishment. Some of them are minorities, some are women, some are gay and all of them, according to the Left, have no business supporting the allegedly “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic” pro-liberty movement.


Stuckey and other conservative millennials terrify the Left because the more influential they become, the more difficult it will be in future decades for the left-wing media to falsely accuse everyone who opposes abortion of being a woman-hater or label everyone who supports welfare reform a “bigot.” And without the race, gay, and gender cards, the Left has almost nothing to offer America, save a few proposals to radically transform the country, like single-payer health care and free college for all. The entire movement has become little more than a giant character-assassination club.



And speaking of far-left socialist policies—this story isn’t just about the Left’s attempt to destroy influential people like Stucky, it’s also about who  the left-wing media elites want to protect: Ocasio-Cortez. The young socialist from New York was recently called “the future of our party” by Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez, and despite seeming completely unqualified to be a member of Congress, she’s been lauded by virtually every corner of the left-wing establishment, which desperately wants Marxism to become mainstream and to find a new face for socialism in America. (Bernie Sanders is 76 years old, and he won’t be around forever.)


Stuckey and Ocasio-Cortez represent two radically different futures for America. Stuckey represents individual liberty and conservative values—both of which horrify the Left—and Ocasio-Cortez represents dramatic wealth redistribution and a complete transformation of the Constitution. It’s not enough for the Left to persuade people that socialism is the best path for America’s future; they must also destroy the other side, using whatever means they have available to them. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do to Allie Stuckey and other conservative voices. We can’t let that happen.


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