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Move over “race card,” there is no need for you to do all the heavy lifting anymore. No, because now just being against the current president is more than enough license for unhinged liberal “thought leaders” to spew hateful, incendiary and increasingly dangerous rhetoric against all things MAGA.


Isn’t racism, which has been the central theme focused against all things Trump and his ardent base of supporters, so 2018? I mean, shouting racist at Trump didn’t prevent historic ascension to the presidency in 2016, did it? It hasn’t prevented a plurality of Americans from supporting common sense border security and immigration enforcement either. It also hasn’t knocked President Trump off his comfortable perch as the clear-cut favorite to win the 2020 presidential election.

So, from the recent tone deaf and factually inaccurate slurs of washed up celebrity Bette Midler, whose “Blackground” comment earned her infamy from both sides of the political sphere, the left now moves towards violent threats.

Not just, “I’ll kick your butt,” or “You’re going to be sorry if you vote for Trump again,” but a detailed and well thought out, sinister plan broadcast to you by none other than one of the more burned out relics of the 1980s Sunset Strip Hair Metal scene still registering a pulse – Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee.

Now, as a frequent visitor to legendary West Hollywood Bars, The Whiskey A Go-Go and The Rainbow Bar and Grill, and as a (in the words of President Trump) “Yuge” fan of all things Motley Crue, it truly does pain me to write these words, but Tommy Lee’s recent Twitter vitriol against Christians, unborn humans, Sean Hannity and even Chick-Fil-A necessitated a response.


Hatred, which is what the liberal base claims is their chief concern about our nation’s chief executive, seems to consistently be their weapon of choice against what has been an indisputably successful first two-and-a-half-years of the Trump administration.

While the picture of President Trump that the political left frames portrays is a xenophobic white supremacist, the actual economic picture for blacks and other minorities, women and non-Christians contradicts that narrative. In fact, with black unemployment reaching a historic low on several occasions during the Trump Presidency, one can argue that President Trump has economically empowered blacks more than any other president in American History, a history that includes America’s first black president, Barack Obama.

The same can be said for Hispanics, as data from April 2019 shows that their unemployment rate reached a record low when it dropped to 4.2 percent under Trump. Women of all races are also winning under Trump. According to an October 2018 report, the female unemployment rate reached its lowest level in 65 years.

Does this mean that the elites in Hollywood are against seeing minorities and women prosper? No. It just means that they are idiots. Idiots that are so caught up in their self-assigned mission to save us from a monster that they created in their own minds that the hard facts mean nothing to them.

Slandering a president that was once honored by Reverend Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition for not only donating office space at his 40 Wall Street property, so they can, in Jackson’s words, “Have a presence there,” but also for his efforts to “embrace the underserved communities." This displays the level of disconnection with reality that is unfortunately prevalent in the entertainment industry today.


It hasn’t infected the entire entertainment industry, as celebrities like Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, James Woods, Kid Rock and others have heaped praise on Trump using honesty and the factual record as the basis for their analysis of his performance as Commander-in-Chief.

As a realist, I understand little will change the distorted minds and corrupted hearts of celebrities. They will continue to lie to their legions of followers whose lives will never reach the point of having armed security as they propagate the merits of gun confiscation. They will continue to seek photo opportunities with disenfranchised blacks as they fight for more funding for the black genocide factory known as Planned Parenthood. It’s okay, they have their Idiot Privilege.

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