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Trump’s Appeal to a Dangerous Oppressed Class: American Men

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American “culture” has been ranting for a couple of decades now that men are hairy, disgusting, rapists-in-training and dumb as a box of corn flakes. The insult-fest men have suffered in the last 20 years or so could be why they went so bigly for Trump. According to exit polls, men voted Trump by about 12 points over Hillary Clinton, nearly double the number of men who favored Mitt Romney in 2012.  That’s ALL men, not just white men. So there’s good reason why men and women are still locked in a Trumpian battle of the sexes -- there’s a yawning 24-point divide in how they voted. That is, women chose Clinton by 12 points while men went for Trump by 12. 

What’s the message here?         

Men for too many years now have quietly noticed that in TV commercials and most sitcoms featuring male-female relationships the man is inevitably the clueless doofus. He fails at disciplining the dog (God forbid he discipline his children!) fails at figuring out his computer, fails at fixing a clogged toilet, in fact fails miserably at most tasks at which males should be competent.

Then comes Trump, a bull elephant pounding into the arena, and he’s trumpeting about WINNING. Men listened and they remembered that winning, not failure is what they are built for.  Men who have absorbed the constant ridicule and guano rained down by “nasty women” wearing nasty hats, by sneering well-coiffed metrosexuals, and hipsters obsessed by bathroom equality and same-sex-marriage suddenly perk up. They recognize Trump as the manly man they used to be before they were herded into the pens to be gelded. 

The election was the revenge of the normal man. The very qualities the left-groupie media condemn and mock in Trump are the qualities normal men value and admire. They see Trump’s rejection of wussy political correctness not as deranged posturing, but as refreshing strength of character.  They look forward to his Tweets because he says what they’re thinking with sometimes-brutal common-sense honesty. What the lefties call offensive Trump egoism, normal men see as self-confidence. The media brand Trump’s never-give-up attitude, like his ongoing battle with the courts over the immigration pause, as pathological stubbornness. But normal men view it as high-minded moral perseverance. They see Trump standing up for what’s right, against corrupt lower court judges bent on robbing him of his clear constitutional right as the nation’s chief executive to regulate immigration.

The rise of the normal man is long overdue. Today, normal men have sons and daughters who come home from their college safe spaces and tell Dad they identify as “gender-neutral” or “nonbinary” or “gender-fluid” or “demi-girl” or maybe “genderless”!  Normal Dad reaches back in memory to high school biology -- weren’t there just two genders back then, dictated by X and Y chromosomes? He’s beyond bewildered. When he reads universities are offering students a couple dozen pronouns to avoid describing themselves as boy or girl, and that Harvard academics insist that using the wrong pronoun is a “form of violence” he thinks “and these are the brilliant people to whom I have entrusted my kid?”

Or a normal man shopping for a birthday gift for his young offspring runs across the first transgender doll – yes, a girly long-haired brunette, fashioned after actual person and YouTube celebrity Jazz Jennings who was “assigned male at birth.” The normal man will stagger over to the nearest chair muttering whiskey tango foxtrot to himself. And then he will check the doll box to see if there’ a selection of genitalia included in a little plastic bag.

While surveys show only .3 to .6 percent of Americans self-identify as transgender (and most retain their original at-birth body parts) younger people who are going through normal growing-up confusion are much more likely to be gender-confused.  And how can we believe surveys when experts assure us that sexual self-identification can change hourly?

In actuality, militant gender extremist indoctrination has been scaring the male right out of America’s men. For at least 15 years, young college men have been required to take feminist studies courses that condemn their very maleness as brutal, violent, and dangerously aggressive. They learn that vicious Y chromosome renders them a menace to society. No wonder they take refuge in “gender-neutral” pronouns; it’s a disgrace to be a man.

They start to feel guilty for watching football games – so violent! Dating is out because it requires so much female-consent paperwork and even when all the forms are signed, a man could be accused of date rape. Fewer young men than women are going to college, and more potential grooms are ducking marriage and children in favor of parental basement dwelling. Now that sperm can be frozen, is the day that actual living males are replaced by sperm banks are far behind? 

All this is bad for men, bad for women, and terrible for America. Then came Trump. His speeches sounded a warrior battle cry for lost American virtues: global leadership again, bowing to no tyrant or oppressive ideology.  He gave a clear message, drawing lines in the sand that he would not run from, as did the former occupant. Paraphrasing Reagan: “We win, they lose.” Right and wrong was making a comeback. And he was funny, too.

Normal males saw him as the restorer of America’s greatness that had drained away through weakness and wussification in the White House. When the media called him a racist, a bigot, and a sexist clod, American men turned on them, not Trump because they know whom he is. A man who genuinely loves the America they love, too. 

Not that they didn’t cringe over the 11-year-old Access Hollywood tape, like all of us did. But Trump was obviously play-acting famous TV star dude with Billy Bush his adoring audience, and Billy was yukking it up throughout. Trump never said he actually did “grab ‘em by the p---y.” He simply said he could because “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” (Bush laughter.) 

Does anyone familiar with how the entertainment biz works, the sad way some women use their girly assets, and the cynical, exploitive way some men let them, doubt that?

Most men who know well the jibing and sexual boasting that man-talk entails, saw Trump’s crudity as just what he said it was, unfortunate locker room banter. But for many horrified women it was a deal-breaker.

Now men see Trump doing exactly what they’d hoped. He’s a leader who’s reshaped our anti-jihad policy to enlist Arab countries in a fight that’s finally serious. He’s a disciplinarian who insists the NATO nations end their freeloading and pay their share. He’s an avenger of the helpless, bombing the Syrian airbase whose planes murdered innocent civilians with deadly gas.

He’s extracted us from the Paris climate agreement, which was so destructive to America’s economy and interests that Obama didn’t dare call it a treaty because he knew it would never pass the Senate. While Obama dithered and actually threatened prosecution for Americans who tried to free their loved ones held hostage, Trump got a female aid worker out of Egypt and sent a plane to North Korea to rescue the terribly brain-damaged college student Otto Warmbier.

Trump has proven by his actions and his character that there’s no way he could be a Russian stooge, that this preposterous Russian hue-and-cry is just a perverse way for the sourpuss Democrats and the running dog media to bloody our duly elected president.

They should beware – manliness is back in America and men fight back.       

Joy Overbeck is a Colorado journalist and author who writes for, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, American Thinker, BarbWire and elsewhere. More columns:   Follow her on Twitter @JoyOverbeck1

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