Is Rudy Right?

Posted: Feb 24, 2015 10:26 AM
Is Rudy Right?

Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that Barack Obama doesn’t love America or Americans has inspired scorn and outrage from the mainstream media, but a tweetstorm of hurrahs from Americans online who’ve made “Rudy is Right” a popular trending hashtag. Giuliani has actually voiced the unease many ordinary citizens feel, especially in the last few months as the president’s oath to protect and defend the nation from threats has de-escalated from “leading from behind” in his failed war for Libya into something he calls “Strategic Patience.”

Americans see Jordan’s king launch fierce attacks on ISIS targets after they set afire one of his nation’s pilots. We see Egypt’s president reacting with deadly air power to the Islamic terrorist beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach. And we see an American president who can’t even admit those were Christians crying out to Jesus on that beach, who calls an attack on a Jewish deli by Jew-hating Islamists “random,” and assures us the Islamic State is absolutely not in fact Islamic.

Obama’s behavior has become so strange that Dr. Charles Krauthammer, probably the most astute commentator in the nation and a trained psychiatrist, calls the administration “truly pathological in its inability to actually state what’s going on.”

Or in laymen’s terms, “Is this how somebody who loves America behaves? Really?” This is what Americans are asking themselves. Watching the president’s oddly unemotional reaction to the horrific brutality of ISIS makes us wonder even more. As the nation is reeling in shock after the grisly beheading of journalist James Foley, Obama delivers a rote sympathy speech and then skips off to the golf course. The very day we learn young Christian charity worker Kayla Mueller is dead at the hands of the same jihadists, the president is mugging in a mirror, making selfie clown faces for an Obamacare promo.

Americans have noticed that Obama’s trademarked empathy and compassion seems reserved for Muslims he says are at risk of being profiled or discriminated against here, not for the Christians actually tortured and beheaded or the children being crucified and buried alive over there. He and his Department of Homeland Security assure us that “climate change” and “right wing sovereign citizen extremists” are more dangerous than 25,000 to 40,000 Islamic terrorists murdering innocents while seizing land and oil wells all over the Mideast. Ignoring his daily security briefings, he lets the ISIS convoys and fighters that he called a “JV team” march unmolested from Syria to conquer Iraq and then, having missed the chance to destroy them, months later tries bombing their pickup trucks.

In early February he meets at the White House with Muslim leaders, many of whom have ties to the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, or who head groups named by the Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators in funding Islamic terrorism. No wonder he didn’t want to release those names. Disdaining the advice and dire warnings from his top military commanders and cabinet officials including Secretaries of Defense Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel, he withdraws U.S. troops from Iraq, clearing the field for the resulting ISIS blitzkrieg. Soon Panetta and his successor Hagel are gone.

Yet at the same time Obama expects the Middle Eastern nations in his alleged “coalition” to rally their troops to fight ISIS, he stonewalls the desperate front-line Kurds, Jordan’s king and the Egyptian prime minister’s pleas for arms and resources to do the job. While he touts American values of freedom of speech, voting rights, and equal justice for all, he normalizes relations with the communist dictatorship in Cuba which has cruelly denied its people all of the above for over 50 years.

At his White House Summit on Violent Extremism, Obama not only refused to identify the Islamist threat, but in fact demanded, “All of us must refute the notion that ISIL somehow embraces Islam.” Never mind that ISIS/ISL quotes chapter and verse from the Koran and Mohammad’s teachings as the sacred basis for its obscene rampages. Never mind that Islam from its very inception in the 7th Century has always conquered unwilling infidels by the sword, “smiting their necks” from the Middle East to a once-Christian North Africa, to a once-Catholic Europe.

But fear not, Obama has a plan to defeat no-name terrorism. When beheaders threaten, this president’s lethal weapon is Twitter. At the Summit he unveiled his new social media czar, Rashad Hussain, tasked with leading the fight to dissuade young Muslims from joining ISIS – in 140 characters or less.

Oh yes – and the president named his “virtual exchange program to connect 1 million young people from America, the Middle East and North Africa for dialogue” after slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Astute political observers may recall that Stevens died in that Islamic terror attack in Benghazi after the president either refused or neglected to or simply didn’t feel like sending a rescue mission to save him and three other American patriots. Then, as their coffins were being unloaded on the tarmac, the president and then Secretary of State Clinton stepped to the microphones and knowingly lied to the families, blaming the deaths on an obscure video. How about that for loving Americans?

The president’s pal, Obamacare designer Jonathan Gruber, called Americans “stupid” for not being bright enough to decipher the burdensome taxes, lack of choice, and other harms the administration cunningly hid in the law. We might not be as smart as our ruling Harvard-educated betters. But Americans know enough to trust our gut. And we are pretty good at connecting the dots – and by now there are so very many of those dots that the picture they form is very clear, and not only to Rudy.