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If you’ve been paying attention to the rhetoric coming from elected Democrats and progressive activists in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed a calculated effort to frame issues in the vein of morality. 


Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared to reporters that building a border wall would be an “immorality.” Abortion activist Amelia Bonow told children in a viral video that aborting her baby was “part of God’s plan.” Even social media superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- who apparently works part-time as a Member of Congress -- clumsily invoked morality to excuse her aversion to the truth, telling Anderson Cooper that it’s more important to be “morally right” than factually accurate.

All of this is, of course, a deliberate messaging tactic. In 2016, the Democrats were absolutely walloped by Republicans at the polls. Eighty-one percent of Evangelicals voted for Trump, and even Catholics, a constituency that Obama won twice, voted 52 percent to 45 percent in favor of Trump. In light of those lopsided numbers, some progressives are opportunistically trying to win back a share of the Christian voters they’ve lost by claiming the mantle of morality for themselves, however contrived and unbiblical a moral framework it may be.

Conservatives must forcefully reject this claim from the Left. The notion that the Democratic Party -- an immoral, extreme, anti-Christian party with a centuries-long history of bigotry -- has any sort of monopoly on morality is ridiculous and, frankly, offensive. Let’s not forget: this is the party that supported slavery and segregation, opposed women’s suffrage, and justified putting Asian-Americans in concentration camps. 


Moreover, this is the party that still -- despite the overwhelming testimony of both science and personal experience -- supports killing unborn babies up to the moment of birth, on the basis that they are not fully human persons. Thanks to Democrat obstinance, the United States is one of just seven countries in the world that allows abortion after 20 weeks, putting us in the company of serial human rights abusers like North Korea.

This is the party that believes parents have a right to abort babies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, shamefully portraying children with Down syndrome as some sort of burden to society when they are anything but.

This is the party that puts the vast majority of Planned Parenthood clinics in urban areas where they abort predominantly minority children and hail this as some sort of victory for racial justice.

This is the party that believes health care workers should be legally required to perform abortions even if the taking of an innocent life violates their conscience.

This is the party that is actively attempting to sneak radical pro-abortion language into any bill that reopens the government, language that would allow for taxpayer funding for abortion both domestically and abroad, while hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

This is the party that thinks abortion is about the “right to privacy” but that women have no right to privacy when it comes to sharing showers and locker rooms with biological men.


This is the party that wants to discriminate against and ultimately shut down Christian adoption and foster care providers, while stripping birth mothers of their right to place their child in a home that shares their faith.

This is the party that argues for placing a religious test on public servants and preventing them from serving their country.

This is the party that applauded as the government went to war against an order of nuns in an effort to try and save face on Obamacare.

This is the party that parades ten-year-old children on national TV in sexualized clothing of the opposite sex and calls it empowerment instead of what it is: child abuse.

The Democrats certainly believe in some sort of a morality, but it is a bizarro version that is anything but moral. Republicans must hold them accountable to that. Any Democrats lecturing on morality in 2020 and beyond should be made to explain the parameters of their newfound ‘morality’ and how it justifies the evil policies they actively support. 

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