After He, Racism

Posted: Dec 04, 2014 12:01 AM
After He, Racism

For the first post-racial president we’ve ever had, this is working out about just as I expected. The candidate Obama acted responsibly during the election of 2008 when he had to reassure white voters that he was really one of them. Since then has become a radical black activist, parroting the worst features of the cold, racial war that is an ugly and unfortunate feature of American life.

The contrast tells us that Obama knows what he’s doing.

He exploits race in the same way Elizabeth Warren has, in the same way Al Sharpton has. If Tawana Brawley had been “raped” last month-- Brawley you’ll remember was the black teen who a grand jury believed may have invented a story about being gang raped by white men to avoid being punished by her mother and first brought Sharpton to fame-- I think we’d know where Rev. Obama and his high priest Eric Holder would be standing (right next to her).

And they’d be standing next to her demanding justice without due process—also known as lynching—in the same way they did in Boston, MA, in Sanford, FL and in Ferguson, MO.

And if Reverend Wright, Obama’s advising clergy from Chicago, says “G*d damn America” for her sins on race, then I think the rest of us can say “g*d damn Obama”—figuratively, not literally—for his sins on race.

Personally, I would like to see everyone saved.

But I think I can say salvation for this country on race issues has become harder not easier thanks to Obama.

I would like to see racial issues talked about in this country.

I just hate seeing them lied about.

So, yeah: g*d damn Obama.

He’s helped to destroy a peaceful community in Ferguson, which while not perfect, is still superior to the hell hole that Democrats have created on Chicago’s South and West side for the African American community.

That kids can’t walk to school safely, that kids are killed while having sleepovers, that murders happen while the police fake the numbers to cover up the crimes is the worst and most insulting type of racism.

It’s even worse than the joke of a school system that fails blacks regularly.

It’s even worse than the unemployment and income figures that show blacks left behind during the worst recovery we have ever had. It’s even worse than the incarceration rates for black males, or the morbidity and longevity rates for black men.

And it’s the reason why Obama has nothing left to do but grandstand in Boston, Sanford and Ferguson.

If Obama had to admit that the Democrat Party that controls Chicago, or Detroit, or Oakland or Gary, IN is his party, and that he supports THAT kind of racism, then he’d have to admit to the black community that indeed he is the worst type of racist when it comes to African Americans.

So he’s content instead admit to some Americans clear-sighted enough to see it that he’s the worst type of racist for ALL Americans.

He’s the type of racist that makes racism worse when he’s through.

And unfortunately, he’s not through yet.

But one thing is clear already, after he was elected the first black president to govern a modern, Western, largely white nation, he’s made racism worse, not better, g*d damn him.