Clinton Promises World Without Profits

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 12:01 AM

Democrats convened their real presidential convention for 2016 a bit early.


At the U.N.

In what is becoming a proxy for what the public believes is the Democrat National Committee, the media, world government organizations and activists who think that some small, few men should decide what every other man gets to have—or not have—met in public and private in New York City this week.

They harangued and proselytized, raised money and “awareness” in a purely show-business attempt to re-set the agenda off their failed policies.If only by sheer volume of their arguments, they have tried to convince America that the laws of mathematics, physics and insider trading just don’t apply to these select few.

Nor do any other laws.

Bill Clinton, for example, a guy well known for his equal treatment of women under a law defining the word “is”, promised that in the future, companies could ignore their very real legal obligations to the shareholders who provide them capital.

“In the future,” reports CNBC, “corporations will care less about maximizing profits and more about employees and society, President Bill Clinton told listeners on Tuesday.”

That sounds more like a warning to me than it does a speech.

"I think the government can have incentives that will encourage it, but I think by and large it will happen, if it does, because of proof that markets work better that way," Clinton told those who will likely write planks in their party platforms around the world.

Clinton here is giving the slow wink to socialism; a socialism that will be encouraged by government, because, you know, accidents can happen to companies who don’t go with the way things are.

"We're going to share inequality, misery and conflict, or we're going to share prosperity, responsibilities and a sense of community," Clinton said.

When you’re done laughing Coca Cola through your nose you may resume reading.

It’s bad enough that Democrats enact their silly social theories, but must they always insist that the torchbearer for the light of enlightened Democratism be a parody of the values they claim to espouse?

Robert Kennedy Jr., for example, was also in New York, and attending the Doppelganger of the DNC.

He supported Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama in 2008.

Like all the Kennedys-- a family that I used to admire—he is reluctant to give up his own privileged position in society, just like all hypocrites are, even while he lectures the rest of us about our responsibility to the “planet.”

Most of us don’t have trust funds worth $50 million, most of us don’t have a family compound on Hyannis Port, most of us don’t have the luxury of preaching about renewable energy standards while lobbying our powerful and rich friends against applying those standards to ourselves.

Capital markets can do many things if made to. But the only things they do really well are wealth creation... if they are allowed to. That’s why we have a large body of corporation law. It is there to protect wealth—that is shareholders. Shareholders, like Clinton and RKF Jr. are the inevitable fruits of labor. Even if in RFK Jr.’s case someone labored first to allow him the luxury of his own idleness.

How to split up the labor’s contribution to the creation of wealth has been the primary focus of the twin failed science of socialism and Marxism for the last 160 years.

Most countries that have tried either variety of social economics have rejected them and instead embraced free market principles.

Leave it to the Democrats, in this great hour of national despair, to propose a system that will fail to everyone but their leaders.