Get Ready For Blood, Gore: 'Bear' Obama on the Loose.

Posted: Jun 28, 2014 12:01 AM

Obama says he’s a “caged bear” on the loose.

And he IS almost exactly like a caged bear on the loose.

Nothing good will come of it: just blood and gore.

Usually they euthanize animals after such an incident.

And I would suggest to the Democrats that at the least they should consider castration. I mean if Michelle will let them have the parts for a while.

Here’s an example: “A bear kept in captivity in a recreation center in the Rostov Region attacked a five-year-old girl,” writes, “biting off her hand. The girl is being treated in hospital, while her mother blames the center's owner for not having fed the animal.”

So let’s just say that Obama seems to be the only one unaware that a president acting like a caged bear on the loose might not do the best imitation of being presidential. But then when has he ever cared about that?

He was certainly a bear on the loose while he mauled the economy the last six years. So what’s his excuse now?

Republican leader John Boehner is suing the president over lawless actions taken by executive order. And it’s about time.

Not surprisingly, Obama is over-reacting because, well, he’s Obama. He’s as temperamental as a Swedish bikini model when the alimony check is late.

That can be a bear.

Look, someone has to stand up against Obama; someone has to suggest that following the laws of the country is a proper topic for debate-- I mean outside the few of us radicals who have suggested that Obama exceeded his authority the moment he was nominated—for anything.

But he’s Obama: So he never needs an excuse to act inappropriately. He’s the guy who farted in the elevator or pooped in the pool.

He knows that we know that he knows that we know, etc.

PBS says he’s become “energized” by his recent misfortune.
Which misfortune? Being a bear? Being sued?


The only misfortune Obama has had recently is when some of the Democrats and Democrat media decided that Obama had gone too far.

It’s one thing to audit Tea Party tax returns and threaten a sitting Senator, as they did to Sen. Charles Grassley, a key opponent of administration in the IRS-Tea Partyaudit scandal.

That’s politics.

It’s a whole other thing with mid terms coming up, the economy in the tank--when it finally, finally, finally, pretty please was getting better economically, we swear-- and the president looks more engaged in his golf game than he does doing ANYTHING.

Reluctantly, Obama has awakened from neutered, caged Democrat male, to a caged bear on the loose.

In other words, he’s campaigning again.

For Republicans that should be relief.

Because while props should rightly go to Obama for being a good campaigner, he has never proven to have coattails outside of 2008. In 2008 the world foolishly ignored that Obama had a habit of biting the hand that feeds him.

They won’t do that again.

They won’t do it in Egypt, or Iraq or Ukraine or the United Kingdom, or Poland.

Heck, they won’t even do it in Chicago, a place that’s been bitten hard by its once-favored pet politician.

So now the Democrats get the “bear” on the loose. And if they don’t castrate him soon, he’ll bite their hand off.

Just like any other caged, desperate animal would.