Harry Reid Poses in Penthouse as Jobs Languish in Senate

Posted: Jan 18, 2014 12:01 AM
Harry Reid Poses in Penthouse as Jobs Languish in Senate

There have been plans for jobs.

There have been appropriations for jobs.

There have been big meetings about jobs.

There has been unprecedented spending to support those without jobs.

There has been preaching about the importance of jobs.

There have been speeches about 21st Century jobs.

There have been green jobs, and snow jobs and…well this is D.C. isn’t it?

But of course, the one thing lacking has been real jobs; jobs that exist outside the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Jobs that pay in wages, benefits and satisfaction… you know the normal value-in-return-for-labor combination that’s just a rumor to those under 35 years old?

Yes, this recovery would be complete were it not for that little pesky part of the economy whereby we go to work, to make things or provide services in exchange for money, of which a portion the government let’s us keep.

It’s that part of the trade that the academics from the Obama administration and the DNC don’t get.

They think that jobs come from the Human Resources Department. Or a website…ergo…ha! That would work out, right?

It would be fine system for the Democrats, say, if it worked the other way: That is that we go to work for the government giving them money in return for whatever products and services they choose to give us, and we take our payment from them in trade.

Yeah, I know: We’re close to that now.

“The bottom line is we’re not broke,’ says Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesquito), “there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.”

Spoken like a true, bloodsucking, flying insect, with my apologies to the true, bloodsucking, flying insects that have a right to be offended by the comparison.

Maybe that’s why the Senate under Harry Reid (D-Ritz Carlton 2nd Floor) won’t take up any one of a number of bills that would help Americans find work; or rather stop the government from mucking up the opportunity we have in the natural course to work.

Like these:

Offshore Energy & Jobs Act (H.R. 2231) opens the most resource-rich areas to new offshore energy production, and requires the Obama administration to move forward with lease sales that have been delayed or canceled, providing the energy needed to revitalize manufacturing, create jobs, and restore our nation of builders. (passed 235-186)

Federal Lands Jobs and Energy Security Act (H.R. 1965) boosts job creation by streamlining the permitting process and opening new areas to onshore energy production on federal land, where oil and natural gas production have plummeted under this administration. (passed 228-192)

National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act (H.R. 761) streamlines the permitting process and reduces red tape to facilitate the development of strategic and critical minerals used to support American manufacturing jobs. (passed 246-178)

Or this bi-partisan measure that the president even supports:

Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) helps businesses better defend themselves against abusive patent litigation, promoting more private-sector growth, innovation, and job creation. (passed 325-91)

There apparently just isn’t enough money in any of these deals for the government.

Yes, Reid, the man of the people from Searchlight, Nevada-- who only has a small condo at the Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C.; a condo that’s worth between $775,000 and $1 million-- can’t do his job.

Or sleep in a one-bedroom condo.

“I stay in Washington, D.C., in a one-bedroom apartment,” says Reid, “and my penthouse is on the second floor. How do you like that? Penthouse on the second floor.”

That he owns. No mortgage for Harry Reid.

Such a tough life for Harry living in a one-bedroom condo fetching seven figures.

No wonder he’s angry.

The second floor? An outrage!

I think most Americans, whether they have jobs or not, would like a penthouse on the second floor worth a million bucks. With that kind of value one could buy an average American home at $196,300 and fund retirement fully by age 40 and college educations for 1.2 children with the rest.

I say any time a guy like Reid can spend his whole life going from one government job to the next, and amass a personal fortune of $7 million, that’s a jobs program one should be in awe of.

But I have one question:

How do we stop doing that for Washington, and starting doing it for the rest of the country?


Can you hear us? Way up there on the second floor?

Didn’t think so.