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Feel the Healing that Higher Taxes Bring

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The Age of Aquarius- long a goal for liberals- began in earnest on January 1st, 2013 when more of the planned tax increases on the wealthy created by Obamacare were implemented, along with the fiscal cliff remedy.


Here’s how it works:

Finally, the low-down, dirty rich, who are responsible for all the world’s ills, including the short stature, pint-sized intellect and light caliber (pun intended) of Bob Costas, will start paying their fair share.

Time to cue the music from the play Hair:

“The 3.8% Net Investment Tax will be imposed against individuals, estates and trusts on their investment income,” croons “and the 0.9% Additional Medicare Tax applies to an individual’s wages and self-employment income, that exceed threshold amounts.”

Try singing that to the Age of Aquarius.

Not surprisingly, “threshold amounts” of income under Obamacare are the same that Obama and Boehner are using to define the “rich” under the fiscal cliff tax increases created by Obama’s newest income tax dictates.

Free healthcare, it turns out, is gonna be very expensive for those who have taken advantage of our free system and helped the US become the greatest, most benevolent, most generous country in the history of the world.

And now, to be fair, we have to stop those rich jerks from being so generous.           

I don’t know about anyone else, but liberals are sick of those rich people in America who give away close to $300 billion to charity annually, or roughly half the country’s defense budget. The government could really use that money to fritter away on things like $115 million for the United Nations program on democracy that funds “Promoting Political Tolerance in Malawi,” while suppressing political tolerance in the Unites States.     


“The two new taxes are two of the ACA’s 47 tax or tax-related provisions, some of which are already in effect,” says TaxNews. “Other provisions include individual mandate and employer mandate taxes, restrictions on the use of Flexible Spending Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts, the new tax on medical devices, the health insurance premium subsidy and new requirements for tax-exempt hospitals and group health insurance plans.”

That’s a long list of things to pay for. Just wait until we have a chance to pay for these things in places like Malawi.

Because, if you think the healing is going to stop with the rich in the US, you just don’t realize how much the earth needs to heal. Or how expensive the global version of Obamacare will be for you once there are no rich left in the US.

That’s when the rest of us who have worked hard to create the most just, racially tolerant, freest and most mobile society ever, will have to do our part too, rather than just sucking off the hard work of the technocrats at the World Bank, the IMF, the United Nations, and the OECD-M-O-U-S-E.

Middle class jerks, all of us!

I don’t know about anyone else, but liberals are sick of a rich America that gives away only $53 billion in foreign aid annually. The world could really use more money to fritter away on things like Cap and Trade, a program that can help fund China’s development of cheaper, dirtier fuels through subsidies by US consumers. 


It will only cost a lot more than $200 billion per year.

Because you see, in global perspective, everyone in the United States is really rich and is soaking everyone else around the world- by the very same economic logic liberals now use here at home

Once we screw up government run healthcare, retirement, banking, autos and insurance domestically, the next excuse we can expect to hear is that global failures are a result of America being too rich. And now we are going to have to pay our “fair share” of the growing global burden for _____________ (insert need here).

We are in the process of transforming the greatest, most benevolent, most generous country in the history of the world into the world’s primary care physician who will be responsible for the health of the rest of the world.

The National Intelligence Council, a government think-tank made up of US intelligence communities, already warns us that we must accept the mantle of the world’s doctor in a recently released report. The NIC is supposed to write intelligence reports made up of the most up to date, unbiased, accurate information, regardless of the views of the administration. So of course, they adopted Obama’s views in their latest report.      


The “most plausible worst-case scenario,” the report adds, involves the risks of interstate conflict increasing to the point that “the US draws inward and globalization stalls.” From there, “megacities [will] flourish and take the lead in confronting global challenges.”


Another possibility, the writers suggest, is as “inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. … Without completely disengaging, the U.S. is no longer the ‘global policeman’” according to the Council.   

Catch the rhetoric about “inequalities” exploding? OMG, we have to do something.

I’m not sure megacities- under the leadership of a King Bloomberg, no less- are the trend of the future.We have seen more and more cities of the non-mega variety failing for decades. They can't even educate 20 percent of our children to GRADE LEVEL, but they are going to lead us globally?

I do know one thing for sure, however: You thought it was expensive to be the global policeman as we have the last seventy years?

Wait until we become the world’s doctor over the next seventy.

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