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The Mental Illness Behind Anonymous

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Ca7 wrote: It's cute that you would try to paint this as "democrats don't think of unemployment insurance fraud as a crime" when your only specific example of unemployment insurance fraud is one where all the parties involved were actually arrested on fraud charges.- in response to How Stimulating: Unemployment Benefits for Murderers


Dear Comrade 7,

Actually the specific examples (plural) that I included did include one example where someone was arrested on fraud charges- because he was unlucky enough to be incarcerated for murder. Local authorities got involved where the feds likely wouldn’t have. And like the typical progressive, you point to the exception and ignore the rule.

The rule is that $16.5 billion was paid out in fraudulent claims, with less than 5 percent of that money recovered. And under Democrats, unemployment fraud has jumped another 11 percent year-over-year. One would think perhaps someone in the federal government who has the responsibility to administer the program might actually do something about it.

But nope.

“We don’t think this is mostly about fraud—we think it’s a lack of clarity of understanding what eligibility is,” Jane Oates, Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration at the Department of Labor, told the Times.

Tortured words and tortured reasoning for not enforcing the law just leads to more crime and encourages people to steal.

Rob Mitchell wrote: Perfect example of conservative truth distortion. Nowhere in fact is Pelosi advocating for benefits for convicted murderers. I hope they do not pay you to write this stuff.- in response to How Stimulating: Unemployment Benefits for Murderers

Dear Comrade Rob,

Why yes I do get paid to write this stuff. I’m guessing that you are wondering how to tax it. The Stamp Act has already been tried. But hey: Maybe Democrats can bring it back and just call it a fee? Three cheers for King Obama!

Pelosi doesn’t have to advocate for convicted murders to get unemployment. They already collect the benefit according to the example cited above. And why wouldn’t they? The “Clarity of Understanding” training that they’ll make these gang-bangers go through as punishment probably won’t be much of a deterrent to people who make a living breaking the law.


If Pelosi advocated policies that forced us all to live with our doors and windows wide open, I’m guessing crime would go up. And when it did, you wouldn’t just blame the criminals, but rather you’d blame the people who made our property and families unsafe to begin with ala Fancy Nancy.

Twfox wrote:  i plug my volt in to charge at night. i drive my volt to work in the morning. i plug my volt into a solar powered charging station (drawing nothing from the "grid") i have just done several of the most patriotic things imaginable---#1 bought American---#2 used American generated power (coal- i live in West Virginia) --- #3 saved American jobs. #4 helped to support a new "green technology"(alternative energy source). Without progressive thinking, the world would still be flat, the earth would still be the center of the universe and polio would still be a killer of children. (i am old enough to remember those days). – in response to Dear GE, GM and Obama: We're Not as Dumb as You

Dear Comrade Fox,

I think you out-foxed yourself. Dr. Seuss you are not.

You forget the most patriotic thing according to vice president Joe Biden and French socialist candidate for president, Francois Hollande: pay more in taxes. But why would you? The Chevy Volt, green technology, and those American “jobs” you talk about are a net drain on our Treasury- that’s tax out-go, not tax in-come.

So whatever perceived patriotism you think you’ve engaged in, it’s not out-weighed by the tax-paying done by everyone else that allows you to be a “patriot.” It’s a Tory kind of patriotism though isn’t it?

From our own Dan Mitchell:

The Socialist favourite in France’s presidential election, Francois Hollande, has said top earners should pay 75% of their income in tax. …Mr Hollande himself renewed his call on Tuesday, saying the 75% rate on people earning more than one million euros a year was “a patriotic act”. …”It is patriotic to agree to pay a supplementary tax to get the country back on its feet.”


Just like Joe Biden.

Good to see however that you all admit that about the only things you progressives support as patriotic are: 1) Spending taxes; and 2) Raising taxes;

and 3) Occasionally killing American citizens without trial when it suits you.

At least you are consistent in your hypocrisy.

Dmacleo wrote: Ransom said, “While it’s true that you can toddle down the road cheaper in a car that buys its fuel per kilowatt hour than you can on a car that runs on gasoline.” Not in the cold you can't. – in response to Dear GE, GM and Obama: We're Not as Dumb as You

Dear D-Mac,

Good point. None of these estimates includes the cost of running either a heater or air conditioning. But a more temperate climate is just another reason to support global warming.

The question that I have for readers is this: What are you doing to expand your carbon footprint?

Mod-Mark wrote: And I have never questioned your character. After all, you are a home brewer! Now that my kids are in college, I need to get back into that hobby. A six pack of Anchor Steam Liberty Ale now cost $9/six pack in my area. I need a grain crusher for my kitchen aid mixer. And who else can the "Radical Leftwingnuts" vote for? Obama has this vote locked down. To win a election, you need the independents/moderates like me. – in response to Dear GE, GM and Obama: We're Not as Dumb as You

Dear Comrade Mark,

Sorry Mark. Don’t think you are a moderate at all. Occasionally you throw out stuff that seems moderate, but I think that’s because you wish us to think you are a moderate. I don’t know why you would want that, but I suppose you are like John McCain in that you want to appear reasonable, bi-partisan, etc.

Truthfully, it’s the “moderates” who have gotten us in to the mess that we are in by selling Americans on the idea that if the GOP only buys half the progressive program, it’s the same thing as limited government.


On another subject: I have an autographed copy of the New Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian on my bookshelf that has a great dopplebock recipe in it on pages 239-241 called Potlatch Dopplebock. It generally comes out at about 12 percent alcohol and you can barely see light through the glass.

Willis9 wrote: The medals show 3 nude men dancing, they must be democrats. – in response to Media Fact Checking as Useful as Nobel Prize

Dear Willis,

Yes, I thought that was kind of odd too. I wonder what would happen if you got caught showing the back of that medal on school grounds?

Shubi wrote: Obama says increasing supply of oil by building pipelines and drilling is not the answer, but wants to lower prices by increasing the supply of oil from the strategic reserve. Duh! – in response to Media Fact Checking as Useful as Nobel Prize

Dear Shubi,

Man you are such an attention hound, bringing up relevant issues that make the president look bad.  

Obadiah wrote:  mr. ransom is a nasty man who wishes injury and pain on others. computer hackers typically have addictive personalities with obsessive compulsive features. the injuries they cause are relatively minor but tyrants won't tolerate any challenge to their hegemony so the hackers will be punished like mass murderers. mr. ransom will like that. – in response to Anonymous Not Anonymous Anymore to Hacked Off Drug Lords

Dear Comrade Obadiah,

I think you have the wrong guy. I don’t even have hegemony in my own house, let alone possess any hegemony in any part of the world outside of my house.

I may be a nasty man as you say, but that would be lucky guess on your part rather than an informed opinion.

Believe or not, there are many people who think I’m adorable. 


You say the crimes committed by Anonymous are relatively minor, but tell that to the people who had their credit cards charged for Anonymous’ self-professed “million dollars” in so-called Christmas donations. Getting past the idea that stealing a million dollars is kind of a big crime, they have also made charities go to the time and trouble of refunding those transactions.

Then there is a little matter of encouraging espionage.

Espionage is a capital offense. That means that the government can legally kill you for the crime of espionage. You may think it minor, but society disagrees with you by virtue of investing the government with the power to have you put to death over the crime.

I don’t wish pain on anyone, especially not someone as confused as Bradley Manning and Jeremy Hammond. But unlike you, I wouldn’t help anyone inflict pain upon themselves by confusing their mental illness with courage, duty or honor.

People with mental illness need to practice risk-management, not embrace risky behavior.      

Expatriot wrote: Also, regarding the zetas thing, for those not following the story, the cartel kidnapped a member of anon, anonymous told them to let him go or else they would release the private information of the head of the cartel, they let the anon go.

Point #1, anon never stole anything from the zetas, and point #2, should anything happen to any anons it's a safe assumption that anon would just go ahead with its initial threat to dox the zetas leaders.

In fact, if anything, the zetas have kind of a vested interest in making sure that the anons in jail stay very safe and comfortable.

A more disturbing question is why the FBI saw fit to LEAD the attack on stratfor and then release that information to the public. – in response to Anonymous Not Anonymous Anymore to Hacked Off Drug Lords


Dear Comrade Ex,

I can understand why you don’t live here anymore. Do us a favor: Stay away; we got it from here.

Here are some counterpoints to your points:

1) No one here cares if Anonymous stole anything from the Zetas or not. But I’m guessing that the Zeta’s released the “hacktivist” because they are under the impression that someone stole something from them and didn’t want it exposed. Ergo, they released the activist; and 2) I’m guessing too that since Anonymous was compromised in late summer and the Zeta’s thing happened in November, that the FBI already has whatever information on the Zeta’s that Anonymous collected since the feds were collecting all the data available to Anonymous at the time. The Zeta’s are probably smart enough to figure that part out. 3) You’re assuming that Stratfor wasn’t a huge honey trap to catch Anonymous. Generally, I’m of the belief that if you see something like this in the paper, there is a reason why it wasn’t kept quiet.     

Now here’s the moral for the amoral: Trying to outwit organized criminals really will bring you to no good end. These are people who kill for sport, for business and for pleasure. The best thing is to stay away from them.

I don’t revel in the fact that your guys are in mortal danger. But I’m not surprised by it either. And the sooner people like you recognize your own complicity in encouraging them, the better off they will be.

This isn’t a 1980s computer hacking movie. In real life there are lots of unhappy endings.

Unfortunately this won’t turn out for the principals.   

Hawker 1 wrote: His picture looks like he has been crying a lot. – in response to Anonymous Not Anonymous Anymore to Hacked Off Drug Lords


Dear Hawker,

Or smoking dope.

American wrote: Does anyone know if there is a list of who voted which way published yet? I would like to make some phone calls today since this state is a liberal palace. – in response to Presidential Pork Kills Keystone

Dear American,

Here are the votes:


That’s all for this week,



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