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There’s a millstone hanging around the neck of the US economy.

And his name is Barack Obama.

Blame Bush if you want, but post-9/11, Bush’s policies got the country moving in the right direction after a hard right hook.


Blame Bush if you must, but the “blame Bush” mantra isn’t going down well with voters across the country. A new survey released by Fox News and conducted jointly by Democrat and Republican firms says that a large majority of voters think that the time for blaming Bush is over, including a majority of swing voters.

“Meanwhile, a 58-percent majority thinks it is unfair for President Obama to continue to blame former President George W. Bush for the country’s economic problems,” says Fox News. “Thirty-six percent think it is still fair -- including 6 percent of Republicans. A majority of independents (61 percent) and 28 percent of Democrats think it is unfair for Obama to keep blaming Bush.”

You know why? Because the buck stops on the president’s desk.

Every time someone blames Bush, they just reinforce how irrelevant President Scholarship has been.

President Invest-in-Clean-Energy has pretty much had it his own way since he was coronated. He spent the money he asked for. If he wanted more, he had two years to ask for it, and Congress would have given it to him.

And despite brave talk from President High-Speed-Rail, he was better at writing books than he has been at being president. At least in reading the books, I could fall asleep.

Ah, yes, just another thing Sarah Palin was right about that the mainstream media couldn’t sniff out for themselves. I guess going to all those colleges worked out better for Palin than having say, one journalism degree and working at one job- journalism- your whole life.


Betcha five bucks that one year under a Palin presidency- or a Bachmann, a Perry, a <shudder> Romney, or a <shudder, shudder> Huntsman presidency, or a <shudder, shudder, shudder> (Bill) Clinton regency- that the unemployment arrow will be pointing the right way.

Only an ideologue, tied to academic leftist-dogma, could be proud of such a disastrous record as President-Eat-My-Peas-and-Like-it. And apparently he’s pursued all these goals on purpose.

And here’s the most damning thing about President Class-Warrior: The only people making money so far are the stock traders. Every time I turn around, the stock market is threatening to make new two-year highs, companies are reporting record earnings and even evil banks are reporting profits. Things are going swimmingly on Wall Street.

Oh, and did I tell you President Fundraiser broke a presidential fundraising record?

Hmm. I wonder who donated? Wall Street maybe? Guys with names like Soros and Buffet are doing great. That's what happens when the federal government announces a $600 billion bond purchase program in advance.

That'll give the well-heeled billionaire or fund manager just a little extra for, ah, you know...donations. Well that's what they call them in Chicago, ha ha. And it worked so well the first time, they did it again.    


And why doesn’t it surprise me that President Balanced-Budget raised a record $49 million but spent a record $80 million?

Cuz, ya know, Main Street ain’t so hot right now.  

The people who are left out in the cold are the vast middle-class, and it includes people who make more than $250,000 a year. People like that, under the right president, can create jobs for the rest of us better than President Tax-the-Rich can with the entire power of the federal government at his disposal. We know that for sure now. Got it? 

Because whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or a swing voter- I’m talking about voters here- President I-Killed-Osama-bin-Laden-Personally, either created this economy on purpose or created it by accident.

It’s time to pick one.

And let the buck stop where it may.

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