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Credit Maya Angelou for this: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” She could not have been contemplating her own apparent political persuasion some six years after her passing, but in capturing today’s Democrats-Progressives-Lefties, she nailed it.


In 2020, Republicans control the White House and the Senate, but almost no other bastion of political power in the United States. Fully in possession of the House of Representatives, MSM (the major networks, most of cable, much of print media, and the film conglomerates, and Academia—now at all levels of education, K-16—we might have thought the Left’s growing chokehold on intellectual discourse in this country was sufficiently suffocating.

“But,” as John Belushi once said, “noooooooo!”

Consider what the Left has told us about itself this year:

1. When it became apparent that Pelosi, Biden, and De Blasio were deadly wrong in their loud pronouncements of COVID’s harmless presence, did they help unite us in a pandemic invasion when Trump closed off travel from China and Europe? Cue Belushi. Instead they undercut the administration every chance they could get in front of a microphone.

2. The Left used the death of George Floyd to spark a long and brutal train of violence. Under cover of peaceful protests shining light on a wrong, Antifa and its allies spurred unconscionable violence in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and countless other places where the greatest victims of their mayhem were black women and men, families, toddlers, and business owners. Have all the dead been counted?


What stripped bare the motive of the rioters was the deafening silence of establishment Democrats like Joe Biden—who now opines that ANTIFA is merely “an idea”—, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. Not one of them uttered a syllable of condemnation until a hundred days into the organized urban melees. And the Obamas? How long did it take for them to speak up? Worse, party notables encouraged donations to “GetOutOfJailFree” funds so that arrested rioters and looters could get back on the streets to wreak their havoc all over again.

3. The Hunter Biden saga of greed, corruption, and international bribery has been simmering for awhile now, and if you listen to Democrat hacks, each charge has been thoroughly debunked. Ah, but the claimed debunkers did not have the smoking guns now struggling to stand, stinking in the public square. I say, “struggling” because only outlets like Fox and a few digital warriors have dared air them.

Just think about what happened next: With brutal but striking ease, the giant digital utilities, bullies of the ether, Facebook and Twitter, attempted to silence every vowel and consonant of discussion about Hunter Biden and the Biden Family, described by Rudy Giuliani as a decades-old racketeering enterprise. But, of course, they acted only so that we would be, “safe.”


4. MSM’s naked bias in its favorable treatment of Joe Biden has been apparent at every turn, in every interaction between media sycophants and their candidate of the moment. Contrast their fawning over Joe and Kamala and the tactics of “freedom lovers” who pressured NBC not to allow Trump a bit of air a few nights ago. As of Sunday evening, have online apps for CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC given the Biden scandal due attention? Cue Belushi.

5. This item might seem of little consequence in the grand scheme of things, but it goes to the heart of Angelou’s words. In a vignette so many of us witnessed at the close of the ACB hearings, Senator Feinstein—in an attempt, perhaps, to rescue her reputation after her bigoted comments in the 2017 hearing for Barrett’s ascension to the circuit bench—uttered some kind words to Lindsay Graham for his gracious handling of the hearing process. Then, DiFi hugged her old Senate colleague, and what happened? A Twitterstorm of demands from the professional hate class for her instant removal—along with a ritual beheading, no doubt—for her simple act of grace and civility.

What’s the key takeaway from all of this? If the Left can defy the limits of boldness with their conscienceless words and actions in their quest to stamp out freedom of speech and thought—when they do not have all the power—we can only imagine what they’ll accomplish when there’s no Trump, Pence, Barr, and the Senate, to lever the power of government on behalf of liberty.


If the Biden gang gets in, the secrets of Area 51 will be nothing compared to what they will entomb: the Clinton crime cavalcade, the stink of the bogus Russia claims, Obama’s perversion of DOJ organs, the Biden bible of bribery, dirty digital dealing—and worst of all, the Bill of Rights.

A wag once said, “Just remember, kiddies, you can vote socialism in, but you’ll have to shoot your way out.” Why so dire? Because in this beloved, free country of ours, less than half of us would voluntarily don the yoke of social serfdom, and so, force will be the Left’s method of choice. Think I’m kidding? Think more about what they’ll do with all the power.

The Left has told us what they’re all about. Let’s believe them. November 3rd may be our last chance to defend our liberties at the ballot box.

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