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Two Worlds

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The polar world view Progressives push about core social issues remains unmoored from realities most Americans value, and they persist in attempting to sail us into the icebergs. 

Festering like a boil on our national life, for example, is the matter of immigration. It should go without saying that each nation has the sovereign right to decide who enters, when, and for what reason. The United Nations’ 193 members, possibly excluding Eurozone freethinkers, but including our own continental neighbors claim that right and obligation, yet Progressives insist on open borders, the goal of which drives at the dilution of citizenship, of our national identity. It’s as if Progressives would have us live in homes without lockable doors and windows, so that strangers may break in, willy-nilly, demanding to be fed, clothed, and educated. Repudiating their pledge to “preserve, protect, and defend,” elected Progressives like Pelosi and Schumer would have us be defenseless against whatever violence some illegals inflict. 

Like slaveholding southerners of two centuries ago, Progressives hold high the banner of Nullification, insisting that cities and states can legally supersede federal statutes and impose sanctuary laws at whim. While many have thought the price of Nullification theory to have been paid in full at Appomattox with the blood of 620,000 men, Progressives seek to construct a political structure where laws apply to traditionalists and nationalists, but not to miscreants in their brood of the coddled, protected, and entitled.

Not to be missed in all this theater is that Nullification of immigration laws is the trojan horse. The real prize, should Progressives be allowed to succeed, will be their laws allowing illegals to vote in any election at the discretion of Progressives in power. It’s already happening.

As for the issue of gun control, one fact unlikely to be reported by left-wing media tells us much. According to a Paul Kengor piece in Crisis Magazine, “26 of the 27 deadliest mass shooters in American history all happened to share one thing in common.” Each of them, he asserts, was, “raised without his biological father.”

Consider a society where Progressives have proclaimed traditional marriage to be passé, that parties of whatever combination or partnership status are entitled to obtain and raise children as a matter of right, that father-figures are unnecessary, and are, in fact, irrelevant in their brave new world. Given the millennia of Darwinian evolution revealing the best parenting model to be a mixed gender arrangement, it’s a wonder that in the six decades since the advent of LBJ’s Great Society, the list of the murdered is as small as it is. In a welfare state which encouraged fatherless homes as a condition of benefit, we might not be surprised at the numberless killings committed by uncompassed young men raised in that environment, but how do we explain the mass slaughters committed by fatherless shooters with free access to expensive assault weapons? 

Little seems demanded of today’s children. Many do no chores, cut grass, shovel snow, or take summer jobs. Life is buried in social media, video games, and activities to keep them busy, with little time left for family and community responsibility. Of the 26.5 million U.S. children between 13 and 18 years of age, 20%--or over five million children walk around with a mental health disorder, and for some, their resort is to destruction and murder, themselves and others. 

It’s not about guns. It’s about us. And Progressives know it, but they hammer on absurd gun laws because they must have societal control to further their dystopic dream. 

Progressives have convinced much of the citizenry and the courts that women’s rights have supremacy over human rights. Roe v. Wade was just the beginning, and it wasn’t long before demanded abortions, even until the time of birth, could not be restricted if a state was willing to permit them and a doctor was willing to perform them. Even aborted children born alive had no right to life, according to Barack Obama.

Progressives were vehemently opposed to abortion rights until they were for it: the moment they perceived an opportunity to snare the women’s vote. Given time and information, however, Americans remain an independent bunch, often unwilling to take orders from lock-step Democrats. According to a January 2018, CBS News poll, 53% of all respondents—almost identical in percentage to all Independents polled—think abortion should be available under stricter limits or not permitted at all. Remarkably, a third of Democrats feel the same. Who represents them? 

However one feels about abortion, it seems clear that sanctity of life is a principle underlying all three of these issues. If Kate Steinle’s life is valueless compared to open borders and unfettered rights for illegals, then, too bad for the Steinles and the legion of victims of violent crime by illegals. If the Parkland dead are merely statistics to be laid upon the altar of privacy for the mentally unstable, then, too bad for the victims and families of those 27 mass shootings, and the untold thousands more.

Progressives want their world of entitlements and new-found rights for those who give them power. As for an American Way of Life with traditional marriage, individual responsibility, and rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—apparently, it’s all “racist” to them.

It seems that most Conservatives and Independents, as well as a significant number of Democrats want a world where human life is sacrosanct, where individual rights are respected, and where there’s accountability under law.

Lincoln reminded us that a house divided cannot stand, but a century and a half after the Civil War, the responsible adults in our nation must be wise enough to stand against the Progressive furies and abide by the very principles upon which we were founded. One. Nation. Under. God.

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