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Is everyone beginning to see how the left’s stranglehold on our communications channels is slowly destroying our most fundamental freedoms? How the claque of lackeys covered the Mideast trip (or didn’t) and now, climate pact withdrawal tells all.


At about the time the Trump expedition was occurring, I was working my way through Dr. Paul Kengor’s new book, A Pope and A President, detailing the special relationship between President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, and their joint determination to tear down communism. Along with his earlier works, such as The Crusader, Dupes, and The Communist, it depicts the deep and disturbing saga of Russian involvement in our politics since not long after the Revolution of 1917—a century of interference with our freedoms via American dupes.

No matter how you feel about Donald Trump as a candidate or as a president, a fair-minded person would concede his recent meetings with Muslims, Jews, and Catholics were a world-class success. In ten days’ time, Trump gained for us new respect from some world leaders who had all but written us off as geopolitical morons in the previous administration.

Yet, the Alt-State media crowd drowned the Trump trip in a flood of noise about collusion with the Russians. Nice distraction, and that’s what it is. For them it’s revenge for the Benghazi hearings. The difference has to do with truth. The politicos will waste precious time and resources sorting out all the nonsense, and in the end, mindless lefties will repeat the lies, and they’ll fade away, but even more damage to our national fabric will have been done.

As a life-long student of political systems in general and communism in particular, it occurred to me that anyone reading works by Kengor, Solzhenitsyn, or Alinsky, and listening to today’s newsfakers must be struck by the effectiveness of yet another successful disinformation and smear campaign by Russian/Communist/Progressive/Alt-Left operatives.


Even liberal “C” students of world politics will not miss this math: Communism=Left, Socialism=Left, Obama-Clinton=Left, Political violence in this country=Left. Putin is portrayed as being a right-wing dictator, but that is utter nonsense. That the old Soviet apparatus has changed its look means only that it took Madmen to heart: “New Look but Still the Same Great Product.” Putin’s Russia still operates in the same way seeking hegemony over much of Europe and the Mideast, and influencing our political discourse as it has for the last 100 years.

As Dr. Kengor lays it out with scholarly legerdemain, the Russians have used news icons like Edward R. Murrow, I.F. Stone, and Drew Pearson, and Hollywood movie icons galore—to repeat the same lies over and over until ordinary Americans babble the Russian pitch poisoning our way of life. Little has changed.

Whether it was the anti-communist, Pope Pius XII—calling him a Nazi lover when the evidence demonstrates the opposite; whether it was the anti-communist, President Jack Kennedy—spreading the myth his assassination was orchestrated by right-wing CIA reactionaries; whether it was the anti-communist Ronald Reagan—vilified as senile because of his Star Wars defense system (Thank God we have it!) to the point where Ted Kennedy proposed to the Soviets—in writing—to undermine his own country, the pattern of Russian disinformation disseminated by American and world media “journalists” has always been the same. All of these, Dr. Kengor and others prove beyond doubt.


No Kengor scholar am I, but all of the above suggests the duck rule is in play, and it quacks loudly these days. That history is repeating itself is more than likely if you notice who’s missing from the equations I offered above: Trump, the capitalist—and by definition—anti-Socialist/Communist/Alt-Left—is the last person who would collude with the Russians, isn’t he?

Is it possible Trump the candidate, Trump the president-elect, and some of his people, foreign policy naïfs, perhaps, might have been used by the Russians in the greater game larger political control? That is far more likely than collusion with the enemy or disloyalty to the United States. But gee, what do I know?

In whose best interests would it be for Donald Trump to fail in his hard line against Russian overreach in Europe and the Mideast? For Trump to succeed in making America an unconquerable economic powerhouse? The Alt-State Left, their Socialist Siblings, their Communist Cousins, and of course, the Russians themselves. Not that they are one vast monolith and not that anyone who criticizes conservatives are Red Star Stooges of Soviet wannabes. But some prominent politicos and news broadcasters should make us stop and think. Right?

Sixty-five years ago this month, according to Kengor, Ronald Reagan delivered a college commencement address in which he urged the new grads to “push back the darkness” in fighting the threat of the day, Russian Communism. The threat to our national ideals is greater today because it is less visible, but more dangerous. Do the Russians give a hoot about climate change? No, but they will let their claque of leftie lackeys loose like hounds after a fox. Only now, the fox is Donald Trump.


What’s to be done? More than railing against operatives of the Progressive Alt-State, should we not call them out for what they really are: useful idiots for the new Russian Apparatchik-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin.

Just as there were old Nazis who never gave up, there are old Commies who never gave up—and they’re still cooking their vicious stew of race and class hate, moral disintegration, economic unrest, and religious disaffection. Only now, it may not be for world domination by Marxist theology, but the same players might be using the same idiots to accomplish the same end: Pull down whichever American does not serve their purpose: at the moment, it’s our very imperfect warrior, Donald Trump.

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