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Ours to Lose

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Inevitably, mass self-deceit leads to national suicide, and the lies we accept from progressives further that prospect.

One of the most recent feeds on the horror of Orlando was underscored for me while editing the draft of a new book by my friend, Dale Perelman, on the unionization of the steel industry before, during, and after WWI. Perelman vividly recalls for us how the Irish, the Poles, the Italians, the Russians, and Czechs all stewed together—each in their own ethnic juices—before becoming true Americans, all while clawing their way up the economic ladder.


It was that way with my own grandfathers—neither of whom could read or write or sign their names—but their insistence that we leave the old country behind helped make one nation the powerhouse that resolved WWI, decided WWII, and propelled us through the Pax Americana. The first generations huddled in ethnic squalor, to be sure, but sometime in the second generation, most decided English would be the only language of their children, while still celebrating their religious beliefs, customs, and dinnertime delicacies.

With Orlando, the Americanization of Omar never happened, did it? The progressives mask their philosophical malfeasance by telling us to diet on the salad bowl and forgo the feast of the melting pot. They balkanize us, pit us against one another, and claim our votes with bribes of federal largesse, but little else to help those grasping the ladder’s first rungs. They refuse to acknowledge that like the evil genius who used National Socialism to control Germany, organs like ISIS use Islam to gain a perverted power over us all—if we let it.

So they tell us Orlando and all the other attacks are about weapons, not the hate, suspicion, and distrust that haunts so many first generation ethnic groups, but should rarely trouble the second. They refuse to admit thousands of Omar-like killbots exist because progressive philosophy encourages separateness from what is America, not union with it.


Yet, Orlando may not have been solely about jihad at all, but a depraved attempt at expiation from sin. Omar Mateen, likely gay and homophobic at the same time, became disgusted with himself because his religion so despises people like him, and sooner rather than later, he would be found out. The only way to redemption, in the distorted logic of the desperate, was to murder as many like him as possible in obeisance to ISIS. I believe it was his religion’s loathing of homosexuality that drove this pathetic monster to his end, but progressives so fear offending radicals, they insist on Christianity’s fault in the matter. Omar could have erased the witnesses to his sins with a wide variety of kitchen-made bombs, but his choice of an automatic weapon gave the progressives one more lie to pound into us via their candidate, her surrogates, State Media, and their dupes.

If, as a people, we fail to discourage huddling masses nurturing hate, if we fail to manage how we define ourselves as a sovereign nation, we take one more step sealing our fate as a goliath-scale Yugoslavia, cobbled parts that ultimately shatter.

Another lie threading its way into our national fabric comes from the progressive machinery influencing everyday life. It’s about climate change, and no one lays out the truth more clearly than George Will in his recent piece, The Settled consensus du jour. Though he must not have intended it, he garnishes the case for a candidate like Donald Trump. How might that be?


The Clintons attempted a bit of state socialism here and there their first time in power—remember Hillarycare?—but Obama has taken us much further down that road than we dare tally because the sum total of his actions would shock us beyond calming. Climate change is iconic for its authoritarian approach in silencing science because some women and men of learning dare to differ. It reminds me of Rome’s folly regarding the notions of Gallileo and Copernicus. If Hillary or someone gains the Oval Office, this template of state abuse will be used again and again, rarely for good and always for more power.

Some think Trump is boorish because of his backyard slurs—stupid things his career proves he doesn’t mean—but no one calls Democrats boorish for deriding and undercutting Christianity at every turn, in blaming Christians for the homophobic slaughter by Omar Mateen, in blaming Jews for an Arabic jihad against them, for their demonstrated bias against police, for softness on radical Islam, yet rage against gun owners, for withholding justice for Hillary, but levering state force against conservative dissidents.

Fascism, Communism, National Socialism—they’re all diseases of the left as Jonah Goldberg so exhaustively documented in Liberal Fascism. That Donald Trump would be a fascist because he speaks with a big stick is but another distraction shielding the seedlings of socialism already in the sunlight, so lovingly gardened by liberal fascists like Obama and Clinton.


Will we deceive ourselves into thinking that just because some didn’t get their perfect candidate, we should “work” with the likes of Hillary Clinton and eschew a Trump who fails to embody the elegance of Ivy League training? Will we delude ourselves into believing that progressive nominees to SCOTUS won’t strip the Bill of Rights, that appointees to all-powerful regulatory bodies won’t choke our everyday liberties, that more Clinton lies won’t corrode what steel remains within us?

Numbering the reasons to vote against Trump or not to vote at all might be satisfying to some, but tossing aside the liberties ransomed by the blood of millions will—in the end—be satisfying to no one.

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