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Most of us know the old adage, “a broken watch is right twice a day.” And Woody Harrelson is definitely a broken watch. His internal mechanisms were long ago eroded or fused by the corrosiveness of left coast liberalism. Other than Cheers or the movie Kingpin, Harrison hasn’t done much of note. 


However, during last week’s Saturday Night Live monologue, Harrelson described himself as an avid pot smoker and alcoholic as he rambled through a disjointed script. At one point, in a bungled attempt at comedic metaphor, Harrelson clumsily quipped about devils perched on his shoulders. The comic device did little to minimize the significance of his addictions. He was trying too hard, and it was obvious. 

Harrelson described himself as an “anarchist, Marxist, ethical hedonist, nondiscriminatory empath, epistemological deconstructionist, Texan.” In short, his head is full of snakes. The only thing he has going for him is his claim to be a Texan. But even the formidable power of pure Texas common sense is impotent in the face of a personality able to reconcile anarchy and Marxism. Maybe the absurdity is just part of the act, but the lack of comic finesse muddied the water. Harrelson is certainly full of contradictions. Like many in our postmodern world, he’s a ship adrift without an anchor.   

Harrelson completed his monologue with some historical fiction. He describes reading a script containing a story wherein “The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians, and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes. And, people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs. And, keep taking them over, and over. I threw the script away! Who’s gonna believe that crazy idea?” 


Here’s where the broken watch and happenstance intersect — the COVID experimental serum mandates were and are a joke, implemented by a government-gone gangster.

Vanity Fair was critical of Harrelson’s SNL monologue for all the wrong reasons. But it’s Vanity Fair, so they got it wrong. Aside from Harrelson’s rambling and dad-joke style delivery, he slipped in some clear but naughty thinking.

The author of the Vanity Fair piece, Karen Valby, plucking a phrase derived from her secret note passing days in junior high school, described Harrelson’s moment of lucidity as taking “a gross turn.” To add insult to verbose injury, she continued her harangue by describing the barely veiled anti-COVID vax soliloquy as a “VW-flower-stickered-bus of thought.”

Harrelson is certainly in no danger of winning a Nobel, nor is Valby in contention for a Pulitzer. 

Comparing Big Pharma to drug cartels is an apt metaphor. Big Pharma weaponizes influence in many of the same ways drug cartels do. Their bottomless checkbooks buy them all the necessary influencers and politicians in Washington. And, that same Big Pharma checkbook buys a medical community heavily incentivized to do their bidding: sell their product. Avarice seems to be a hallmark of the left despite their public Marxist vows of poverty.   

The orchestration of Big Pharma’s vax campaign with the communist Chinese lab leak isn’t so much conspiracy as a confluence of interest and opportunity. At this point, even Joe Biden’s Department of Energy publicly recognizes what we already knew. The Wu Flu originated as a lab leak of a weaponized virus.


The public treasury is the holy grail for Big Pharma, and the Biden administration was only too happy to utilize lockdowns in the name of public health, mandating the hottest-selling product Big Pharma had to offer — an ineffectual serum featuring indefinite reapplication. For the statist Democrat party, it was a win/win. They were empowered to mandate under the false flag of public health and inure the masses to their political overlords. 

Many Americans now understand the dangers inherent in a government with the power to force compliance via spurious medical mandates. “My body, my choice” was revealed as just another Democrat propaganda tool, dispensed with as soon as a more lucrative, effective control method was devised.

The U.S. armed forces dismissed people who refused to comply with vax mandates. And the federal government embarked on a campaign to ferret out the non-compliant. The FBI rolled out a policy of mandatory COVID vaccination along with an exemption mechanism. Though implementation of that policy varied to some degree depending on the Division, FBI headquarters took exemption requests seriously.

Despite his frequent flights of fancy, Woody Harrison is right to point out the insanity inherent in the ruling class response to the highly manufactured COVID pandemic. We locked ourselves in our homes, submitted to unwanted medical procedures, and allowed our politicians to live outside the edicts they issued to the rest of us.


Looking back on it, can you believe it? Can you believe how quickly civil liberties were abrogated? The swiftness of the implementation of control and compliance ought to cause us to feel a renewed appreciation for the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment.    

When our government acts outside the limits placed on it by the constitution, it becomes no different than any other organization that exists only to expand and consolidate its own power. It becomes indistinguishable from Harrison’s fabled cartel. He may be an absurd caricature, but we’re missing something if we fail to recognize Harrison’s speaking truth to power.  

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