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Hatemongering-Jenner, Dolezal and Dylann Roof

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Barack Obama’s legacy is race. Not unity, but strife. Not fellowship, but discord.

Once he leaves office, America’s first bi-racial president will build a library and monument to his collectivist fetishes, but Obama’s true totem has already been chiseled into the American psyche and stands in brooding silence amid the gore and bony wreckage of blacks and whites caught in the bloodlust maelstrom of madmen titillated to homicidal rage.


America, in one respect, is no different than any other nation. America is populated by people who are fallen, tainted with original sin and inclined to incivility and even barbarism. But, this is the human condition and is, therefore, universal. People lie, steal, cheat, and kill—the ultimate expression of hate. People do these things for a myriad of reasons, but all of the cardinal sins stem from a spiritual morbidity that erupted in mankind the moment the glistening apple, plucked from the forbidden tree, was consumed. Wicked men deserve despots, but those with the capacity of self-governance are potentially the beneficiaries of liberty. The moral balance is delicate, and once lost, is usually only recoverable by the expenditure of the body politic’s blood and treasure.

Hate lies within all of us. We hate for innumerable reasons and the reasons why we hate really aren’t the point. Racism isn’t the issue, hate is. But, politically, hate is lightning in a bottle and since time immemorial, would-be kings and builders of empire have lusted to capture the crackling, wild, and elemental power. For the despot, hate is the power to clap together a kingdom built on corpses, foundations of arching catacombs, splintering human bone that forlornly bears the weight of empires of jealousy, greed, and sloth. People like Obama don’t care about the creaking foundations, so long as the towering spires hold aloft their stupendous hubris and mammoth arrogance. Even when the deadly power he seeks to manipulate arcs out of control, all Obama can muster are a few pathetically self-serving comments bemoaning how many times HE has been made to address the fatal consequences of his own demagoguery. Obama, the toadies in his administration, in the liberal media and in the entertainment industry have conjured an atmosphere of building Cumulonimbus which, unexpectedly, thunder into maelstrom and strike dead innocents who stand exposed.


Welding constituencies into disparate groups by the electric of hate is a dangerous operation. Short term, those at the pinnacle of the racism industry enjoy the adulation of fictionalized victims as the racial elite alight from their chariots to confer benevolence on their benighted subjects who rage and foment at phantoms of institutional racism. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other lesser lights, rabble rouse and create demons out of straw men which are lightly swept aside to the hysterical approbation of simple minded louts.

Ferguson is an exemplar of this. Obama and his lieutenants, Al Sharpton and former Attorney General Eric Holder, propagated and legitimized the lie of “hands up don’t shoot.” Rage is always political currency and Obama’s party minted a vast sum during the hysterics of Ferguson. The odious coin was made hand over fist, the hammer and die of racism drumming out the coin of the realm, a mammon of hate bearing Obama’s imperial profile. Facts were compiled and mounded in heaps, scrutinized by a grand jury, analyzed by a Department of Justice investigation, and Officer Darren Wilson was exonerated. But, facts are frail things when raw hate is thick in the air.

Progressives like Obama have created an environment where hate may range unimpeded by moral constraint. When objective truth is spurned, then bizarre grotesqueries, spheres of psychotic deviancies like those propounded by the LGBT lobby, appear throughout the body politic. When physical and biological reality can be ignored and fantasy is accepted as reality by the simple mechanism of whimsy, then progressivism becomes its own reductio ad absurdum. In this environment, the weak, the emotionally disturbed, are helped over the precipice and those whose self-hate should be ministered to are rather lionized as heroes and their self-destruction is applauded. Those who find themselves in Bruce Jenner’s condition of torment and self-mutilation often fall prey to profound depression and commit the ultimate act of self-hate in the annihilation of suicide. In fact, suicide rates among the “transgendered” are twenty times higher than that of the general population. But, again, facts are puny things when set in opposition to political ambition.


The progressive shop of horrors produced a new oddity for public consumption this week when it was uncovered that the president of the N.A.A.C.P chapter in Spokane, Washington, Rachel Dolezal was, in fact, a white woman masquerading as a black woman. However, this behavior is completely consistent with the LGBT self-hate paradigm. Dolezal who is biologically caucasian, “self-identified” as black and even gained a full scholarship to Howard University, a predominantly black school. If a man can choose to be a woman based on impulse, then certainly a white woman may transform her ethnicity by the voodoo of caprice.

But, Dolezal has drawn howls of rage from progressives because her “cultural appropriation” threatens the very definition of race and the hate-based progressive message built on the assertion of endemic racism. Dolezal’s existence as a self-identified black woman threatens the basis of Democrat party power and its subjugation of minorities under the rubric of victimization. Except in very particular circumstances, with such a fluid concept of race, how can anyone be labeled definitively as racist? The self-identity paradigm of the LGBT lobby has created a vortices wherein objective reality is torn asunder by the centrifugal force of license. Truly, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…” And, Yeats’ The Second Coming is birthed.

Barack Obama’s progressivism has fathered a brood of self-hating misfits and has followed the twisted course of political and social relativism nearly to its nihilistic end. Perhaps, we’ll have the pleasure in our lifetime to witness the implosion of this humanistic monstrosity. But, before that moment arrives, we may, sadly, witness more innocents sacrificed on the bloody altar of hate.


On Wednesday evening, as the devout gathered for Bible study and prayer at the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), located in Charleston, South Carolina, a deranged Dylann Roof took a seat and listened for approximately an hour. This murderous racist, filled with infernal hate, then rose to his feet and shot nine people to death. Roof is a white male and his victims were all black. His racism cannot be left to doubt, but the origins of his hate and the inflammation of it to murderous action are, and will be the subject of strenuous debate. However, it cannot be denied that when national leaders incessantly demean the character of American culture and accuse respected institutions of endemic and pervasive racism that an explosive mileu is created in which the unstable are excited to commit irrational and unspeakable acts of barbarity. No matter how hard arrogant statists try to keep the lightning of hate contained in the bottle, it always finds escape, does deadly damage to the innocent and produces a chain of unintended consequences uncomprehended by the finite minds of overreaching megalomaniacs.

Obama’s response on Thursday to the tragic shootings at the AME Church was revolting, but hardly surprising. Obama is a creature of politics and shows no hesitation, even in the face of massacre, to politicize and balkanize. His instincts are sharply immoral as his progressivist dogma dictates. For Obama, the State is all and all is for the State. It is his alpha and omega. To turn his first statements on the tragedy in Charleston into a harangue for gun control is repugnant. Furthermore, Obama’s ire seemed most exercised when speaking about how he has been forced to address such mass killings on multiple occasions. Even for Obama, whose favorite pronouns are “I” and “me,” such callousness and clinical narcissism are too much to stomach. Apparently, human tragedy interferes with his busy golf, fund raising, and soiree schedule. The deceptively simple truth is that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to confront him or her with a good guy armed with a gun. An incident at a Colorado Springs church proves this point.


Hate is a double-edged sword. And, it’s sheer fantasy to think that it can be controlled and manipulated as easily as flipping a light switch. Hate isn’t the relatively tame AC/DC current that flows mildly in sheathed circuits. Hate is the wild thing that arcs from the earth in a hundred million volts and shears thick oak trees into steaming splinters. Obama and dolts like him may think that he rivals the stature of Zeus. Those close to Obama may whisper in his ear that he is a god upon the earth but that is merely a delusion, just like the delusion that a man may transform himself into a woman by loping off an appendage.

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