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While Barack Obama is enjoying extravagant parties with Hollywood celebrities and taking opulent vacations, America's middle class is being decimated by his policies. Certainly Obama deserves to be condemned for the Nixonian corruption and Carteresque incompetence of his administration, but what Obama is doing to middle class Americans is just as despicable. He's slowly, but surely squeezing them into oblivion. Sadly, many Democrats are fine with this because they've calculated that a poor voter or better yet in their eyes, a voter dependent on welfare and food stamps, is more likely to support them than a voter in the middle class. Whatever happened to having a government that tries to make it easier for people in the middle class as opposed to putting policies like these in place?


1) Higher Energy Costs: When Barack Obama was running for office, he said, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Obama seems to have few qualms about lying to the American people when it benefits him, but that is one campaign promise he's working very hard to fulfill. He blocked drilling in ANWR, dramatically slowed offshore drilling and he's blocked the keystone pipeline, which would bring cheap Canadian oil to America. So, when your eyes get big because of how much you have to pay to fill up your car, make sure to say, "Thank you, Obama."

Of course, Obama's also working around Congress to put new regulations on coal and emissions in place that may raise the cost of your energy bills by as much as 60%. So, if your energy bill seems higher this summer, make sure to thank Obama because he's helping to make that happen.

2) Killing The Job Market: Barack Obama has imposed 70 billion dollars in new regulations on American businesses so far, America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and Obamacare has caused businesses to freeze hiring and move workers from full to part-time. As a result, even though there are 31 million more Americans now than there were in 2000, there are FEWER Americans working. If you don't have a job today, feel free to thank Barack Obama for helping to make that happen.

3) Higher Student Loan Costs: One of the great aspirations of middle class Americans is sending their kids to college. That takes a lot of money that sometimes needs to be borrowed. Many young Americans who hope to work their way into the middle class have taken out college loans as well. Because of Barack Obama, those college loans cost considerably more. After Obama seized the student loan industry, he talked a lot about making college more affordable. However, what he did was charge higher rates for the student loans so he could take the money and funnel it into Obamacare. The government borrows money at 2.8 percent and loans it out to students at 6.8%. Incidentally, those mean old Republicans? They want to cut the rate to 5.3%, but Obama is fighting to make students pay more. So, if you think you're paying too much interest on student loans, make sure to thank Obama for that.


4) Amnesty For Illegal Aliens: Granted, about a third of the Republicans in the Senate backed amnesty, but Barack Obama and the Democrats backed it overwhelmingly. When so many middle class Americans are struggling to find work and can't make ends meet, it's unconscionable to allow 11 million foreigners who are here illegally to take jobs that would otherwise go to Americans. Worse yet, after the chain migration provisions of the bill go into effect, the numbers would zoom up to 25-30 million foreigners competing with Americans for jobs -- and that's before the new guest worker programs. It's bad enough that people who aren't supposed to be here in the first place are taking jobs that should be held by American citizens, but many people don't realize that they drive down wages for Americans who are already employed. You're only worth as much to a business as it costs to replace you and when there's an army of Obama-approved foreigners ready to take your job, it simply doesn't make sense to pay you as much money. Sadly, this hurts poor Americans even worse than the middle class, but with all the Americans out of work, it's hard to see how any politicians who mean well could want to take away the jobs they need to feed their families. You can be sure that if illegals were primarily taking jobs as reporters, college professors, and lawyers, Democrats like Barack Obama would ferociously oppose illegal immigration. However, since that's not the case, if you're out of a job or making less because of illegal immigration, you can thank Barack Obama for it.


5) Higher Health Care Costs: At this point, almost everyone who pays attention realizes that Obamacare was sold almost entirely with lies. One of the biggest lies was that Obamacare would reduce the cost of care. Barack Obama actually claimed it would cut premiums by 15-20%.

Of course, that was always a ludicrous assertion. As opponents of Obamacare incessantly reminded everyone before it was passed, the government doesn't do ANYTHING cheaper than the free market. Now, we're finally starting to get some data on what the numbers are going to look like and tragically for the middle class, it looks like the cost increases are going to be EVEN BIGGER than the skeptics thought.

In California, costs will be going up 64-146%. On the other hand, others are predicting health care insurance costs may even DOUBLE for many Americans in 2014. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is saying rates for some Americans may go up as much as 400%. This is not a small matter because health care isn't exactly cheap in the first place. Worse yet, despite the massive cost increases, the quality of your health care is going to decrease, the IRS will be handling the billing, and the government will actually FINE YOU if you choose not to get health care. When you're hurting financially because of those big bills you have to pay, make sure to say, "Thank you, Barack Obama," because he's responsible for it.

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