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America is currently feeling the sting of Democratic policies – soaring grocery costs, quickly rising gas prices, increased home energy costs, open borders, increased crime, etc. These are the opposite of what we saw under the Trump administration, when paycheck amounts increased by 8.7 percent. Gas prices were between $1.50- $2.50 (depending on where you live), secured borders, and effective law enforcement. If there has been any time in history, now is the moment that conservative policies should ring loud and clear as the better path for America. However, President Joe Biden demonizes those who want to make America great again.


The left-wing group American Progress Action Fund hired Hart Research and the Global Strategy Group. Their studies found that the term "ultra MAGA" is viewed most negatively by voters in battleground states. Biden now uses the phrase condescendingly to demean conservative values in hopes that he will turn people off to freedom and onto the Democratic Party.

The real problem lies in this: Biden and his administration are responsible for the country's current state. He will not accept responsibility, refuses to change his plans, and all because of pure hatred of Trump, whose policies made America a better place.

Democrats are on a mission to reverse everything Trump accomplished. One of the most glaring feats is that the government does not need to move at a snail's pace and can work faster than what we have been led to believe by politicians. He is a driven individual who got things done, even with establishment Republican Paul Ryan getting in his way. Trump maneuvered around the blocks set by both Democrats and Republicans. He made America great through his policies, which endangered the status quo of Washington, D.C.

The term MAGA is a direct slight against our current state of big government. A larger footprint of bureaucrats means less freedom for Americans. The country's potential is held down because an unelected functionary sits at a desk, doing what the politician who put them in place says; this is everything America was not supposed to be.


Americans should promote the term MAGA. The Washington Post stated that the term MAGA "tapped into the broad agreement among voters that the Republican Party had become more extreme and power-hungry in recent years." In one word: garbage.

In truth, Democrats are the party more concerned about power and an extreme makeover of the country. With them, we see a political group that consistently grows government, attacks the Constitution, wants to pack the Supreme Court, and imports illegals with hopes of amnesty for votes and more social programs. Once again, the comments from the Washington Post are cover for the Democratic Party and another talking point to use on CNN or MSNBC.

While there are still Republicans who think more about their pockets and the next race, the GOP has a more robust elected contingency than in recent years. Why? Because of the phrase MAGA. It's not just an election slogan that goes away. "Make America Great Again" is a rallying cry for conservatives. It portrays rugged individualism and no need for government to make our way for us.

Ultimately, American freedom scares Democrats. The Democratic Party is the party of Santa Clause, and MAGA destroys the need for them. When the left demonizes the term MAGA, they attack every American who believes in freedom of religion, small government, pro-life, second amendment, and the Constitution. Yes, those who embrace MAGA want power, but we want it to run our own lives.


I am not so sure how "ultra MAGA" is any different than standard 2016 MAGA. Regardless, as Americans that want a better country with principles closer to the Constitution and more successful for our children and grandchildren, we should remember what makes America great. Democrats don't want America to be what it can be. If things are going well, very few need them, which is detrimental to their existence.

Basic American principles of liberty, freedom, free market, and the Constitution is the foundation of MAGA. We were much better off under the America First agenda and a president who believed in making America great again.

Just look at your current situation in life. Are you better off before Biden or now?


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