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CNN’s Town Hall on Climate Change Revealed More Than Intended

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AP Photo/Mary Schwalm

Since the 1970s, the Democratic Party has promoted climate alarmism in one way or another. In the '70s and '80s, the earth was cooling, and we were going to be a giant ice ball floating in the universe. Along came the '90s and the left realized that was not working, so they shifted to global warming, which was another lie. The '90s came and went with no substantial proof of warming so the phrase climate change was created for the scare tactic. The last 40-plus years are not about the environment, and the CNN climate change town hall proved it.


On Wednesday, many of the Democrats running for the presidential nomination appeared on stage for a discussion about climate change with left-wing supporters asking questions. The Democrats exposed what the climate change hysteria is for them: total government control.

Since the election of President Trump, the left has become more unglued with each failed attack on his presidency - if anyone is paying attention they will see. Seven hours on CNN talking about climate change was supposed to help Democrats sell their party; instead, they possibly alienated more voters. 

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Andrew Yang if he would ban gas propelled vehicles. Yang dodged the question and said, "we are all going to love" our electric cars. He went on to say that he would propose a government buy-back for gas vehicles. 

Problem: if the government requires citizens to buy specific cars, elitist politicians will have the right over the citizens in telling them what type of vehicle they can and cannot drive. Where is the freedom, and where does it stop? 

On to Crazy Bernie. Just when you thought that Leftists had hit a brick wall in terms of moving further to the left, Bernie Sanders is questioned. A common talking point from Democrats is that the earth's population cannot handle an increase. They seem to forget that as babies are born every day, people die just as much. 


Sanders was able to perform some verbal gymnastics and get around to suggesting that to curb climate change abortions needed to be implemented as a form of birth control to save the earth. 

Now, remember how Democrats start. First, they mention something radical as a suggestion. They allow the initial uproar to settle down, then bring it up again only to let that uproar phase-out. After doing this a few times, people become numb to it, and that is when the once-radical idea becomes routine and part of the Democratic platform. 

Sanders is a mentally and morally corrupt individual – of course, the left as a whole is. However, he is suggesting population control through murdering unborn children. Eventually, the plan is to make this idea mainstream with implementation. At what point would the Democrats stop once they are in power? Would suggestions of abortion to curb alleged climate change turn into demands? 

The climate change hoax is about gaining as much control over the individual citizen as possible. Democrats do not care about the environment to the extreme they claim. 

Allowing Democrats to talk for seven hours is a bad idea – if you are on the left. However, Republicans and conservatives came out on the winning side of the event. Democrats showed that they are the party of control. They use climate change with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" tactics, specifically Rule 5: "Ridicule Is Man's Most Potent Weapon." If you do not believe them, then they call you a climate denier and claim that you hate the earth and our environment. According to the left, you must think and do what the Democrats say in lockstep. 


The Democratic Party is corrupt, immoral and un-American.    

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