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D.C. Metro Police Give Antifa What They Deserve

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Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee via AP

A couple of weekends ago, Antifa owned the streets of downtown Portland after they arrived to counter-protest a right-wing rally. The Portland Police Bureau received copious amounts of criticism about their inaction to violent attacks which led to some going to the hospital and a conservative journalist ending up with a brain hemorrhage. 

This past weekend The Proud Boys and other right-wing groups organized a rally at Washington D.C.’s Freedom Plaza to protest Big Tech suppressing speech based on conservative ideology. Approximately 250 people attended the rally and Antifa brought around 50 members who were dressed in all black and wearing protective equipment such as body armor, helmets, and goggles. The left-wing anarchist group also wore masks just like they did in Portland to cover their identity. 

Washington, D.C. Metro Police placed barricades between each side and kept the groups separated. Some Antifa members were able to skirt the barriers and single out a man wearing a MAGA hat. However, this time, the police were allowed to do their job and pull the man away from the Antifa agitators without any reported injury to him.

The groups were placed so far apart on purpose they had difficulty hearing one another. At one point, Antifa insurrectionists attempted to break through an area, but the Metro officers quickly shut them down violently.

A few Antifa members attempted to bull rush officers. They were quickly grabbed and forcefully shoved backward, at least one falling on his back.

Metro Police met Antifa with the only thing they understand and the one thing they deserve – aggression. The anarchist group arrives at protests dressed for war in protective equipment and with weapons such as pipes, crowbars, and other blunt objects to shutdown opposing speech with physical violence. 

The Portland Police failed, but Metro P.D. treated Antifa appropriately. They are a group that uses their anonymity to injure and shut down the First Amendment. After the anarchists could not do that this weekend in Washington, their response was to attempt to break the line of officers. Traditionally, Antifa’s attempts to use of force are successful. This time they failed.

Unlike in Oregon, Metro P.D. officers were allowed to do their jobs and protect the rights of the rally-goers. When black-clad Antifa members attempted to push through the officers, they met force.

When police officers are called fascists, this rally should be an example of why those claims are false. Antifa is the fascist entity, not law enforcement officers. The police physically stopped left-wing anarchists from completing their mission of stifling free speech. The officers were noble and should be praised.

All law enforcement agencies need to treat Antifa this way. If they want to counter-protest then fine, that is their right. However, they should not be allowed to dress up in body armor. When they try to break through a barrier or use violence, the group should face resistance. If they raise the violence level, then law enforcement should move one step up to preserve the right of those who want to speak out. 

Police officers swear an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution. The Metro P.D. officers upheld their promise. Their command staff gave orders to protect speech, and Antifa was shut down. There were no reported injuries unlike in Portland where the officers stood by while rally attendees got assaulted. 

I believe the Portland officers would have done the same thing as the Metro LEO’s, but one thing stood in their way. A mayor/police commissioner who is a leftist and puts partisan politics above the Constitution by protecting one group of people instead of all groups. 

Antifa was successfully shutdown this weekend. They are anarchists who, ironically, are the fascists and serve no purpose in society, literally. 

Washington D.C. Metro Police Department operated with a no-nonsense attitude and showed the country how to handle groups like Antifa. Those types of crowds respond to violence and force because that is their only language. No other form of communication will work – ask the good people of Portland and the victims from over a week ago.

Washington Metro P.D. did a great job and should be proud.  

John Dempsey is a graduate of American Military University and has a deep understanding of law enforcement issues and how they relate to the Constitution, society and our culture. He’s also a columnist for and has been published in and He can be followed on Twitter @John_Demp83.

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