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2009-2017 was a horrible time for the United States. The economy was garbage. The GDP never made it past 2.9 percent while Obama was in office. This was the first time a president did not reach 3 percent growth, and his policies are the reason. Our military was abysmal. Armed forces personnel dealt with patchwork equipment, placing them in harm’s way. The stock market was stagnant. ISIS was thriving, and terror attacks on America’s soil were all too common. Obama minimized our religious freedoms for the sake of forcing a cultural agenda change that was entirely the opposite of Judeo-Christian values as a thumb in the eye of Christians.


The list could go on and on. Americans who opposed the normalization of far-left ideology were sick and tired of it. The 2016 election was a direct sentiment on former President Obama’s agenda. President Trump represented the complete opposite, and that is why he won.

Trump was real, brash and not afraid. He indeed was not a typical Republican politician. It was refreshing not to have another Bush or Romney type.

After Trump was elected, citizens and leaders of other countries around the world wondered if he would keep his campaign promises. Soon after taking office, we all learned he is a man of his word. He signed an executive order banning individuals from countries that breed and protect Islamic extremists. It was a breath of fresh air.

The stock market began to tick upward at an eye-popping pace, and more businesses put “now hiring” signs out. By the end of 2017, just before Christmas, Trump signed his first significant legislative action, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which propelled the country into economic success. Employees received bonuses and wage raises. Jobs began to proliferate even more. Citizens depending on a government check found dignity in working, something Obama could never give them.

Trump allowed Secretary of Defense James Mattis to do his job and eradicate ISIS, making us more secure.


Immigration laws are enforced now. Portions of the old border wall are rebuilt, and new sections are beginning.

Americans have more money, security, freedom, and liberty than when Obama- the most radical president elected was in office- and the Democratic Party does not like it.

Progressives want to go back to the Obama days when his policies destroyed the country. The left does not care if America’s ruin was intentional or not. There were more citizens on welfare and fewer people with jobs. The stock market barely had a pulse. Anytime there was a high profile event such as New Year’s Eve, July the Fourth, or some significant public activity with thousands of people; we were on edge wondering if there would be a terror attack.

Tuesday is not a typical midterm election. Progressive politicians promise to chip away at Trump if they win the House. Liberals want to take away your new income, slow down economic growth, and abolish national borders. The first step is to win back the House; then they will come after the Senate and White House in just two short years.

Trump’s short time in office has shown how effective conservatism is, and how much American’s can grow and flourish when government gets out of the way.

Thanks to Trump, voting for Republicans means more prosperity, security and national growth--all of which are the antithesis of Democratic policies.


Because of Trump and his policies, America is back on the national stage as a force. We are stronger, more deliberate, and respected. Trump has brought us back to exceptionalism after Obama took us away. Now, the left wants to return the United States to the days of being a global doormat. The only way to prevent that is to shut down the Democrats today and defeat them daily.  

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