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The left lacks effective policy against conservatism. Democrats' ideas are bleak and often lead to individuals depending on the government. While liberty from the government isn’t innate, but a virtue, there are still plenty of people that enjoy providing for themselves. Liberals and the media use emotion as a tool to get their way politically. The mainstream media and leftist cable news channels have issued a barrage of false stories. These headlines have angered the few people that still watch these outlets, influencing those who hate the right and President Trump. 

Peter Fonda is the latest leftist that publicly tweeted something foolish that landed him in hot water. Fonda had no problem with President Obama separating families who cross the border illegally. However, since Trump continued the same policy, he has become righteous and made some horrible comments online. In short, he tweeted that Barron Trump should be kidnapped and placed in a cage with pedophiles so that his mom, Melania, would understand the grief. Melania notified the Secret Service. 

In Florida, a citizen, Laurence Key, called the office of Republican Florida representative and war veteran Brian Mast 478 times. Key said,” If you are going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids.” Mast notified the FBI, who investigated the allegations. Key was arrested and charged with Threatening to Kidnap or Injure a Person. 

These are just a couple of examples of the insanity. The media and Democrats are working their listeners into a rage. The same thing happened when the gunman shot House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise in June 2017 at a Congressional baseball practice field. 

The left claims to be the moral examples in politics. They claim to care more than the right. However, they are often wrong. 

People who are moral don’t lie to get their way. They seek the truth and enjoy it. The media has been caught lying outright, or by omission on many occasions. Democrats make up lies about Trump to push the “impeach 45” narrative. 

Moral individuals don’t use their position of power to manipulate large numbers of people for their gain. The position isn’t abused but uplifted through integrity and honesty. Yes, there are individuals on the right that are guilty. However, there are far more immoral on the left, just watch the news and compare it with conservative outlets.

The media should tell the truth. Instead, they twist and bend stories to fit a political agenda. The Founding Fathers intended for the press to keep the government in check. It was never their goal to have one political party favored over the other via the news. And certainly not to control the thoughts and opinions of citizens.

In doing their slant to one side, the “journalists” have caused people who are weak minded to react with emotion in making threats. In some cases, shooting elected government officials. 

Obama ignored border laws for the most part. Now, the Trump Administration is enforcing them. Democrats don’t want to follow the policies. Instead, they are creating anarchy and sewing discord between citizens. This isn’t an accident.

There is a plan. If the Democrats can continually keep their base foaming at the mouth, and the media can keep the story perpetuated, they think conservatives will give up eventually. Democrats will get their 12 million new voters, and the country for the rest of our lives. 

Don’t let the unruliness wear you down. Push back even harder. The left can’t win with policy. Immigration, amnesty, and open borders are their only chance.

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