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For over a decade, Border Patrol has separated illegal immigrant children from their parents after illegally crossing the border. A child should not have to go through that, but don’t think that Democrats care. Congress passed the law under the George W. Bush administration. Obama had no problem with the policy during his time in office. Now, the left, including the media, are in complete horror. They have mercilessly attacked President Trump, even though the law was on the books before his election. After eight years of a Democrat president, it should be clear that this is all politically driven.


The outrage began with pictures of children behind a fence in a Border Patrol detention center. Democrats and Hollywood celebrities began to circulate the photograph as quickly as possible on the internet. Within a day, critics proved the picture was from 2014, and they immediately quieted down and deleted their tweets. They pretended to care until their savior Barack Obama looked terrible. It’s politics.

Obama was pressed about amnesty while in office. Politically it makes sense for Democrats. Illegal aliens get citizenship and government funding. It is a perfect recipe for new voters. Latino’s were encouraged by the Democrats to make the trek through the desert. Once they encountered Border Patrol, they were detained for a short time, then released on “promise” to come to court. After that, it’s a waiting game until amnesty, right? Not quite. Hillary lost.

Bush started this mess, and Obama perpetuated it. Kids sent on trains were already separated from their parents. Border Patrol finds Plan B and birth control pills on girls, showing that parents know the danger to their daughters.

Democrats encouraged this behavior for the sake of having open borders. Once again, politics.


All of the sudden this falls on the shoulders of Trump, despite being well into a decade, if not more, of this policy. Democrats have failed at many hit attempts on the president. Russia collusion fell like the U.S.S.R. Obstruction of justice is a lie. Stormy Daniels took a turn back out to sea. Democrats have manufactured the child crisis. If Obama pushed for a law that stopped separation, the left would be believable. However, this is about wrecking Trump, not about the kids.

There have been cries from the media saying the Republican-led Congress needs to act quickly. Well, they did. Since Democrats care so fervently they want a vote now, right? No. Chuck Schumer has already rejected the proposal. Why? Oh yes, that’s right. Politics. Again.

You see what is going on? Democrats are fake. They want open borders. The left-wing party isn’t what it was just 15 years ago. They have pandered to groups that hate America and its values. They are radically un-American now. A surefire way to change the country is through open borders. However, it is not politically wise to openly voice that right now.

In the end, Democrats may lose this. Schumer is already playing politics with legislation meant to keep families together. He said they should keep the focus on Trump. The left has been outsmarted by Trump many times already, so this will be interesting. If Trump signs a law to fix the problem, there is not more issue for Democrats to rant about. They can’t have that happen.


November is quickly approaching. Desperation is getting thick in the air. It looks like Trump may end up fixing another Democrat created problem.

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