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Shaun King Fails to Find the Facts Before Sharing Fake Cop Story

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Every day law enforcement officers have lies launched against them. Internal Affairs handles the allegations. Before the inception of body cameras, officers who were falsely accused of misconduct had to wait for the completed investigation, which causes undue stress. Thankfully, for the innocent officers, body cameras are available. They often carry the evidence needed to exonerate law enforcement authorities in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. 

A Texas Highway Patrol Trooper stopped Sherita Dixon-Cole for suspected drunk driving. Cole failed the field sobriety test. She was placed under arrest and transported to jail for Driving While Intoxicated. The video footage from the arresting officer’s body camera was another routine traffic stop with an arrest. That was until Cole decided to lie about the incident. Shaun King, a known social justice activist who hates the police, decided to jump into the discussion as well. King failed to verify Cole’s claim’s and went on a Facebook rant of over 700 words, which was shared over 56,000 times, perpetuating the fake story. 

Once again, not surprisingly, Shaun King looks like a fool. 

King stated on his Facebook that he received “facts” from Cole’s attorney, who is good friends with her. Cole told her attorney the officer began grabbing her clothes and sexually molesting her before raping her behind a building. But it didn’t happen. Instead, the officer followed the law and protocol. 

Shaun King doesn’t care about what happened. He only cares about pushing a social justice warrior story. If King cared about the truth, he would have asked to see the video before going on an embarrassing Facebook diatribe full of lies. 

Social justice warriors are their own worst enemies. Recently, in South Carolina, a pastor and NAACP president of his community lied about a traffic stop as well, claiming it was racially motivated. The officer’s body camera showed the stop was lawful and there was no misconduct. 

Irony fills these stories. People like Shaun King and different NAACP leaders wanted officers to wear body cameras. They claimed there is systemic racism in law enforcement, and this would stop it. Now, the tide has turned against those who pushed for the equipment in some cases. 

This is similar to officers who watch a stop sign because people in the neighborhood are complaining about it running all the time. Officers start to enforce it and issue everyone tickets, and the one who called attention to law enforcement gets a citation for running the stop sign. All you can do is shake your head sometimes.  

The worst part is Shaun King will not face any consequences. He will still be able to contribute to the New York Daily News, and other liberal publications because he pushes the false narrative. 

The only justice that has been brought by the SJWs has assisted law enforcement. They wanted body cameras, and they got them. Officers are exonerated faster than ever before. Fewer complaints are sustained because there is quick proof that most allegations are false. 

King is an opportunist. He seeks the next chance, not change. Cole’s story was another incident to seize for alleged police misconduct, but King failed. Again. He could have easily avoided the chagrin if he paid attention to the shocking details of the story. Instead, King learned the driver was African-American, and the officer was white. That was all he needed. 

Body cameras are the best thing that happened to law enforcement. They brought the justice that Shaun King wanted, but to the other side of the debate. That must sting a little.

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