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With the zeal of a fanatic, the transgender culture is being imposed on Americans while most of the rest of the world opposes this. The latest salvo two weeks ago was the giant brewery, AB InBev, placing a transgender on the beer can for one of its popular brands.


The public backlash was substantial, but the company issued a statement on Friday implying it would stay its pro-transgender course. Another corporate icon, Nike, has already been promoting a transgender culture with its marketing.

These professional-sports dependent companies are symptoms rather than the root of the problem. The biggest promoters of a transgender culture are not the usual suspects, but a few sports league monopolies including the NFL, NCAA, and Major League Baseball, which are government-subsidized and generally protected against antitrust laws that apply to everyone else.

The taxpayer-subsidized NFL began promoting the transgender culture last year by featuring a transgender biological male on its cheerleading team. The Dallas Cowboys are known as “America’s Team” and last year made this strategic change to its famous cheerleaders as another NFL team also did.

The Biden Administration recently promulgated new regulations that nearly require all schools to allow biological males to invade the athletic activities of girls and women. Schools that try to protect the integrity of girls sports may be hit with multi-million-dollar lawsuits under Biden’s anti-girl rewriting of Title IX.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball browbeat Georgia Republicans into submission in 2021 by moving its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in protest of a watered-down election bill that was ineffective anyway. The Georgia legislature got the message and failed to restore integrity for its elections in 2022, where Democrats again exploited early voting while obtaining a court order to change the law for their benefit.


That was brazen political intimidation by MLB while enjoying a special exemption from federal antitrust laws that limit normal businesses. Yet MLB’s political interference pales with how the NFL is promoting transgenderism while looting American taxpayers for many billions of dollars.

Next February, when more than 100 million Americans behold the half-time performance at the annual Super Bowl, the NFL could advance transgender culture further. New laws in 21 states seek to protect girls’ sports against an unfair invasion by boys, but if Republican legislators fail to stand up then the NFL, NCAA, and other sports monopolies will ram a transgender culture down our throats.

The Republican-controlled U.S. House and state legislatures should immediately act to uproot the cause, by sending subpoenas and holding hearings on sports leagues that promote a transgender culture. Ironically, the dependence of the NBA on China may keep it on the transgender sidelines, as neither China nor most nations side with liberals on this.

Congress should repeal the antitrust exemption for MLB, where teams are owned by billionaires who hardly need any protection from competition. Congress should also take steps to end the practice of television networks locking rival sports leagues out of lucrative television contracts given to the NFL.


Three of the top five golfers at the recent Masters’ tournament are part of the LIV tour, but it is locked out of good television contracts because it held a few events at Trump-owned golf courses. LIV will not be promoting a transgender culture either, while the television-controlled PGA or LPGA Tour might.

The Trump-hating media is in control of the money in professional sports, and from there Leftists are trying to impose a transgender culture on 330 million Americans. Professional sports leagues and the NCAA have grown to a nearly trillion-dollar industry, and impact culture far greater than the Rockefeller oil monopoly of more than a century ago ever did.

Defending our culture and the integrity of girls’ sports requires uprooting the source of the push for a transgender culture. A handful of pro sports monopolies and their exclusivity on billion-dollar television contracts are what Congress and the states need to eradicate.

LIV golf, as reportedly funded by Saudi Arabian billionaires, is not going along with the demand for a transgender culture. Neither is China, Russia, Japan, Africa, and most other countries, no matter what the liberal media wants.

Ironically, Trump himself was locked out by television exclusivity with the NFL when he led an upstart rival football league, the USFL, nearly 40 years ago. Trump’s lawsuit against the NFL in Manhattan ended with a jury verdict partially in his favor but without an award of sufficient damages.


Today the freight train coming down the tracks is pro sports promoting transgenderism, which they are able to do only if Congress and state legislatures continue to look the other way. It is time to overturn the favoritism given to sports league monopolies while they harm our culture.


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