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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh Thursday when I heard him go on about the emotional instability and the ignorance and stupidity of the Left. He was saying something to the effect that he was coming to the realization that the younger establishment journalists are not just ignorant and poorly educated but that they may actually be stupid – Ignorant being unaware and stupid being incapable of learning. At least that’s what he appeared to be saying.


And, as I was thinking, “He just doesn’t get it” – a caller got on the line and basically said just that. Rush didn’t have it right. It wasn’t about journalists being ignorant, although many might be. But, that is not the relevant fact.

It was a relief to know that some of my fellow citizens understood the situation we’re in, even if the cognoscenti on the airwaves don’t.

I congratulate Rush Limbaugh on thirty years of talking down Democrats and bringing a perspective to the social aspects of the Liberal movement and for promoting his form of Conservatism, but times have changed and he and his ilk have become too comfortable and accustomed to what was.

Everyone says that the Democratic Party is not the Party of JFK, still they discuss the far left element of the party through an intellectualized political lens formed in the shape of the old politics. Many on the air still treat the Democrats and the media and those who revere former President Obama with a certain politeness when ascribing motives to their actions. They make fun of them and laugh at them when discussing their actions.  Humor is always good in a too serious world.

But the violent left is not funny.


The game is different. The rules have changed.

Those on the left who have been actively protesting in the streets since the Obama administration have an agenda. Their agenda is to bring down the United States of America as we know it – a Republic supportive of religion and economic freedom. It is not the color or religion of the country that is anathema to the left. It is what the U.S. stands for that is being protested. Even if America has never fully realized its ideals, it still values and looks toward its creed of individual liberty, and that is the problem for those who support totalitarianism in any of its various forms.

The United States is in the way of a Communist styled world.

Whether those wanting to bring down the United States are truthful in their accusations is irrelevant. The end will justify the means for them. The means is conflict, disruption and destabilization. What is being protested is irrelevant as long as there is protest. The truthfulness or accuracy of what’s being screamed is irrelevant, as long as there are accusations and there is screaming.

Even the anger being thrown at Trump is a distraction. While he is a very inviting target because of his persona, he is just another target to be attacked.  That he won is very upsetting to those who anticipated a revolutionary victory in only a few short years. But, those behind this movement probably have contingency plans for anything that might delay their plans. Consider the fact that “” was established in 2015, well before Trump was even being taken seriously. Trump calls them on their antics and it infuriates them because his lack of “propriety” and not doing what a politician is supposed to do neutralizes the effectiveness of their tactics – but it has not stopped them. And, therein lays the danger. 


Anyone but a far-left leaning black person or woman would have brought on the “anger” we are seeing.  Had Hillary Clinton won, the left would have reverted to something like the racial outrage protests and town burnings that we saw under Obama. 

The vulgar outbreaks of violence and incivility are not the temper tantrums of an emotionally immature political party that lost an election. They are the tactics of a growing movement intent upon bring down the country. That the establishment Republicans don’t get it is of great aid to this movement as it organizes its forces to destroy America.

The caller understood this. He understood that the left will say whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals. 

There are the very real beginnings of a civil war in this country and ascribing either stupidity or ignorance or a bad education to those attacking the Republic is as distracting as arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

It is folly to ascribe anything other than a focused zeal to those looking to “Fundamentally change America.” To ascribe immaturity and ignorance to them, and not take seriously that they want the destruction of the U.S. and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that – is dangerous.


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