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Congratulations Republicans - You Passed What?

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How hypocritical can politicians be? Obviously, very hypocritical. 

When Nancy Pelosi told the House that they would have to pass the Affordable Care Act before they would know what was in it - the Republicans and Republican supporters went ballistic. Absolutely bonkers.

"How can you pass legislation whose provisions are unknown to you? "- was screamed into every conservative talk show host's microphone for months. It has become symbolic of the Congress's lack of attentiveness and dedication to its job.

Well, guess who just did the same thing?  - the other half of the congressional jokers - The Republicans.

No! Seriously! The new tax bill is almost 1,100 pages long. And, when Senator Bob Corker was asked about a particular provision, he said that he wasn't aware of it being in the bill because he had only read the four-page summary that his staff prepared for him.


Is that what he thinks we sent him to Congress to do - read CliffsNotes?

And, without a doubt, I'd venture to say he is not the only elected official who hasn't read the entire bill. In fact, I'd venture to say that very few if any members of Congress actually read it in its entirety.  I'm willing to venture that these people haven't read the entirety of any of the lengthy bills they've voted on. What absolute arrogance. What a display of absolute disregard for the peoples' money. 

And regarding the new tax bill - how can someone in the United States Senate, who is being asked to pass what they are being told is the single greatest tax change in 30 years, have the audacity not to sit down and read the bill - word for word. 

Those in Congress are there to represent the interests of 300 million people. Maybe, truly studying legislation that will affect their constituents would be a good idea. There are 535 men and women selected to represent the entire country. That is a privilege and an honor. And - it is also a sacred responsibility.

You want to know what's wrong with this country - well, this a shining example. A bunch of spoiled beings who feel they are entitled to their position and all its attendant respect without doing the job they were sent there to do. 

How things have changed. 

Back in 1788, when another great piece of legislation was being considered, well actually something not quite as monumental as the tax bill - it was merely the Constitution that was being debated - James Madison and Patrick Henry faced off across the table upon which lay "that paper."

Well, it was going to be a close fight over passage, and the outcome was in doubt. The argument in great part was over a limit on Federal power - and to that end, there were demands a Bill of Rights be included in order to limit the potential of Federal encroachment into the people's rights. Madison pleaded for passage, saying that it was necessary to pass the Constitution as soon as possible and amend it later during the First Congress. 

Henry wasn't convinced. He rose and faced Madison, and told him that they needed to amend it now and then pass it. "I'm an attorney," he said - "and I'm not accustomed to signing blank documents."

Patrick Henry - where are you when we need you now?

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