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What the rioting uninformed mob doesn't understand is that our Constitution was hammered out in reaction to the commotion of Shay's Rebellion in 1786, and the government's inability to put it down. Embedded within the preamble to the Constitution is the phrase "insure domestic tranquility."


The people of the United States will accept legitimate protest, but it will not tolerate continual unjustified agitation and rioting. The people have taken the first step in shutting down the riot making machine, not only by voting for Donald Trump as President, but by defeating Progressives all across this country on every level of government. The needle of the societal compass has begun its movement back to an orderly and industrious country.

There can be no justification for riots in the name of not liking election results, as those rioting have already expressed themselves by voting. The riots are not about letting Trump know that they do not like him. He knows that. Everybody on the Left and in the media have called him terrible names.

The protesters have taken to the streets screaming that Trump is a monster because he said he will treat all citizens as Americans, he will create an economy that provides better jobs for everybody, has called people like Michael Brown thugs, said that in the free exercise of religion people should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to participate in an event that insults their beliefs, and he wants to send home to their native countries those who have come here illegally.

Incredibly, in the midst of those protesting an American election are illegals screaming, "We won't go." Worse yet, millions of them voted. The Mayor of Los Angeles, rather than upholding the rule of law, announced that it will be logistically impossible to round up all the illegals. In the midst of disorder, violence, disturbance and burning images of the new President, Mayor Garcetti said he was proud of Angelinos who made sure their feelings were heard. He added that people across the country showed concern for people regardless of their race, religion or their immigration status.


The people in the streets say they are unwilling to accept the election, and one can only wonder with what would they replace the elections. They obviously have no idea, since they have no idea how a Democratic Republic, designed to safeguard liberty, actually works - and they don't care to know. But, even more dangerous than this ignorant group of individuals are their philosophically driven masters, controlling events from behind the scenes. While the generation of 'give me's," die hard Leftists and illegals are in the streets, those who have organized them for the past eight years, are actuating the downfall of America through continual societal disruption and eventual large scale violent confrontations.

The groundwork for the election riots started early in the Obama administration with the help of the media, when they misreported Trayvon Martin being shot, labeling Martin as the victim before the facts of the shooting had been laid out. Obama quickly stepped in and with projected compassion compared Martin to the son he never had. The media misreported the Ferguson protests, and the Obama Administration sided with the protestors, saying they had the right to protest; again before the facts were known. The protests very quickly morphed into riots.

Ultimately, the facts in all of the events supported the conclusion that the protests were unjustified. But, justification or not, the riots established the pattern of protests challenging law and order.


The same happened in Baltimore - to an even greater degree. The anti-police sentiment soon yielded police assassinations, and the White House did no more than pay lip service to them.

The media are now misreporting the election riots when they say the riots are about Trump being elected. The riots are merely the most recent act in a series of orchestrated violent events, coordinated by an extensive, organized Left that is prepared to mold the narrative of any event that fits their agenda into a cause, a protest and a violent riot.

Subtle coded messages are given out by the Left. President Obama, and other elected Democrats cleverly support the riots by being supportive of the general right to protest. This allows them the disturbances they want and still appear to have clean hands.

Barack Obama and his wife were among those referring to Trump as a dangerous candidate who initiated violence, but after the election the President craftily said that we must accept the decision, and he reminded the American people of the importance of a peaceful transition of power.

We have never before had need to be reminded of that.

Hillary, in her concession speech, rather than limiting her remarks to thanking her followers, also called for a peaceful transition, but also intoned warring words, telling them that they must "defend" their values. Even after the violent riots had begun, Hillary equivocated a peaceful transition to defending rights.


New York Mayor De Blasio, a Mayor whose police turned their backs on him at the funeral of assassinated policemen because of his anti-police rhetoric, like the mayors of several sanctuary cities, wrapped his words in the flag of compassion and gave support to those who are here illegally, and are in the streets protesting any future plans to deport them.

With no allegiance to our system of government, the immediate plan of the radical left, with the fingerprints of the Obama Administration all over it, is to create a situation wherein it will be impossible for Donald Trump to promote his agenda because of organized repetitive domestic disturbances upon which the media will focus.

When President Obama cordially greeted President Elect Trump in the White House, it was Obama's minions in the streets. Obama's true legacy is protesting the candidate of another party.

It was the media who blamed Trump for the violence at his campaigns. Yet, when it was shown that it was the Clinton campaign that had bought and paid for the violence, the media downplayed that. The media downplayed the fact that the rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore had been paid for by George Soros' organizations to travel to these cities for the very purpose of rioting and creating unrest - and may possibly be at the center of these riots.

Most worrisome is the fact that public officials from mayors right up to the president have done little or nothing to stop the riots. Rather, they have encouraged bringing gasoline to a fire.


Thus far, hard working Americans have only expressed their anger at the ballot box. At some point in time they will no longer accept their government officials doing nothing to stop the continual riots. Right now, the fires are in Liberal cities. When they bring the disturbances into rural neighborhoods, they will inevitably be met by people who own guns and know how to use them to protect their property.

This too will suit the agenda of the Left, as the media will use those confrontations to further disparage the average American.

In America, we don't protest presidential elections. We vote, and we complain for the next four years. But, that appears to have changed. Sadly, America is in need of a strong response to the election riots.

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