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China Must Pay

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Xie Huanchi/Xinhua via AP

Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan region of China, killing thousands there since January. Today, the world is paying the price in lives for the lies, deception, and foot-dragging by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP began a misinformation campaign to deflect blame, even trying to blame the U.S. Army for Coronavirus. The CCP covered up Coronavirus, and this will cost American lives, put a straitjacket on the U.S. economy and bring untold suffering to millions of Americans. Dr. Scott Gottleib, former head of the FDA under President Trump, told CBS News’ "Face the Nation": "Had they (China) been more truthful with the world, which would have enabled them to be more truthful with themselves, they might have actually been able to contain this entirely." China’s role in turning a localized virus outbreak into a global disaster is becoming apparent to all Americans. One conclusion is crystal clear and can’t be covered up: China must pay. 

Our main focus must be on caring for the sick, stopping the spread of the virus, and opening our economy back up in a way that is both safe and prompt. However, we must recognize the purposeful acts by China that set off this worldwide catastrophe. China’s brazen behavior should not surprise us. CCP suppresses its own citizens, censors its press, and threatens countries around the world to pursue power. CCP even “disappeared” ordinary Chinese citizens who tried to tell the truth. The world has turned a blind eye to CCP’s vile acts for too long. 

China must pay for the decision to keep the world dangerously misinformed. On January 29, I called for a total shutdown of flights into the U.S. from China. Today, I am calling for a forceful response to China’s role in unleashing this plague upon the world. I support the resolution by U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), calling for an international investigation into the CCP coverup. The Chinese government should be given a choice to come clean, or accept the consequences in lost trade, international shunning, and even sanctions.  

My district, PA-8, has suffered grievously from Chinese actions on both jobs and health. We used to be a manufacturing hub, making products that were sold around the world. Many of these factories went under as China stole technology, and pursued a national agenda to take jobs away from U.S. manufacturing. Now, the Coronavirus that could have been controlled in China has come to Northeastern Pennsylvania. My hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, has more than 1,000 cases and a population of only 30,000! China’s actions half a world away have caused needless deaths across our country, devastated Northeastern Pennsylvania’s economy, and made my hometown a hotspot for this deadly virus. It’s personal to me. China must pay.  

This crisis has clearly demonstrated what President Trump has been saying for years. We have become too dependent on supply chains in China for too many of our goods, especially pharmaceuticals. That must end now. We need a new national policy that focuses on promoting American industry, diversifying our trading partners, and making China pay for what they have done to our health and our economy. 

We have the smartest, most innovative, and hardest-working people right here - we must put America to work to reignite our manufacturing, rebuild our infrastructure, and strengthen our communities. 

Right now is the time to put America First and make China pay. 

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Jim Bognet is a former Trump administration appointee who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District. Bognet released the first ad in his race “Make China Pay” on Wednesday, April 15: https://youtu.be/yfcIYZ03OZo 

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