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The huge threat to American society is not that one party or the other engages in unconstitutional acts to seize power: We already know that the Democrats have one party rule in mind. How do we know? 


Democrats seek to shred the U.S. Constitution. They’d like to pack the Supreme Court so that conservative rulings become non-existent. They would like to add Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and other US territories as states so that Democrats will rule the Senate for decades to come. They have even more ambitious plans, all to the detriment of our union. 

The Overarching Threat

Democrats, however, are not the greatest threat to our representative republic. The biggest obstacle is a biased, compromised, corrupt press. Because the press is now in the pocket of the Democratic National Committee and vice versa, the chances of objective reporting are slim to none. 

The once honorable New York Times and the once authoritative Washington Post have given way to deep factionalism, continually advocating far leftist positions. In doing so, they have forsaken any semblance of objective journalism, and worse, of late, each has fabricated stories in a manner that undoes the 100+ years it took to build their respective reputations.

Without a fair and reasonably unbiased press, society has little chance of proceeding in a way that will benefit all. Moreover, the Left and the Right have virtually no prospects for finding common ground. When the media is dominated by one point of view, which exalts what they agree with and derides any alternative views, dissension quickly follows.


Shaking Up the Jar

A Townhall article commenter once said that growing up in the Southwest, as kids, he and his friends collected several black ants and put them in a large jar, and collected several red fire ants and put them in another jar.

Then, they would pour all the red ants into the larger jar containing all the black ants. They would shake the jar vigorously and dump all the ants onto the ground, to watch something amazing. Although the black ants and red ants were not naturally adversaries with one another, they began to attack each other, ferociously. They fought to ravage each other in ways you couldn’t predict, unless you've ever done this. 

These warring ants would bite each other's heads off, cripple each other, and destroy each other like fearsome warriors. Yet, black ants and red ants are not true enemies of one another. Left alone, out in nature, they don't attack each other: They go about their business. 

Because both groups had been vigorously shaken in the large jar, and then dumped on the ground, they became mortal enemies of one another, not realizing the true enemy was whoever shook the jar.

The Manipulative Jar Shakers

Today's mainstream media are jar shakers, representing the Democratic Party and disparaging the Republican Party at an unprecedented level. 


The media has a jar for white people, and another for black people. They have a jar for heterosexuals, and for gay people. They have a jar for police, and the military, and one for all other groups. They have a jar for poor Americans, middle Americans, and wealthy Americans. They have a jar for Christians, a jar for Muslims, a jar for Jews, and a jar for atheists.

The media machine is skilled at dumping groups into one jar, shaking that jar, and pouring everything onto the ground. They know exactly how to pit groups against each other, create controversies out of whole cloth, inflame situations, and even insight riots. 

These jars are continually being shaken. Our fake news media, as Donald Trump appropriately named it, incessantly lie, cheat, and steal the truth from us. They behave as if hatred of those deemed to be ‘politically incorrect’ is a righteous cause. They elevate hypocrisy to accomplish a desired outcome. Their jar shaking orchestrations have included the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, “Trump/Russia collusion, “Black Lives Matter,” “Largely peaceful protests,” “Systematic racism,” the 2020 election, and other events and controversies.


The Elusive Middle Ground

With a fair and reasonably objective press, many such ‘movements,’ and squabble would not arise. With a more objective press, the Left and the Right might actually resolve some issues. The acrimony and outright hatred we're witnessing today might be diminished, a bit, with a press committed to reporting the truth as best it can.

For now, the sordid path of the mainstream press appears irreversible. Perhaps one day alternatives to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the major television networks will emerge and help to restore some sense of balance in overall reporting. Until then, it's going to be a Leftist’s chauffeured ride into hell for each of us.

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