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Fascism in America, 2021

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As it happens so often, the Left accuses the Right of committing crimes that the Left themselves have actually committed. In practice, it's a dead giveaway: Anytime they accuse the Right of any crime, that is a crime which the Left has committed over and over. Antifa is a stunning case in point. Antifa, short for "anti-fascist," is actually among the most fascist organizations in the world. 


As Old as the Romans

The concept of fascism dates back to the time of the Romans. Originally fasces, referring to a bundle of weeds or wooden rods tied together, with an ax blade attached, was the symbol of unity and strength. It meant that all aspects of political control were under the auspices of one supreme leader. 

Fascism is the antithesis of democracy. In a fascist state, the people don't rule, vote, or choose representatives. Everything is under the control of an autocrat. Fascists, as represented by Antifa, have no regard for the rule of law, one citizen per one vote, fair elections, or civil obedience. Fascists disregard legal rulings and take the law into their own hands. They have no intention of permitting lawful elections and do whatever they can to ensure that elections are not held or are otherwise contorted. 

They believe that they are the law, morally and otherwise. They engage in acts of sabotage and violence to create anarchy and mayhem so that law-abiding citizens are coerced into giving up freedoms for enhanced security. If a fascist government takes control, its people lose their freedom and those who don't capitulate are dealt with harshly. They are either murdered, beaten, robbed, canceled, re-educated, or otherwise shunned in society.

You and I Have No Rights

In America today, and around the world, Antifa represents the opposite of individual rights. They prefer censorship to deal with anybody who has views opposing theirs. Groups that are contrary to their way of viewing the world are denied free speech, the right to assembly, the right to petition, the right to a free press, and many other rights that we routinely enjoy in America.


Antifa has little, if any, regard for personal property. They'll pull down statues. They will burn down or bomb what stands in their way as surely as they pick their own noses. They do not support religious freedom. They'll desecrate memorials and destroy religious places of worship such as churches, synagogues, and potentially mosques, although they seem to tiptoe around Islamics.

Antifa’s worldview is that everyone must submit to their will. They are vigilant supporters of big government control – as long as such governments strictly enforce Leftist edicts.

No Mirrors Available

When Antifa blames those on the right, including President Trump, congress, judges, governors, etc., of being fascists, they ought to hold a mirror up to themselves. Fascists are not for individual rights, industry deregulation, tax cuts, or school choice.

Fascists, as typified by Antifa, prefer to operate in a cancel culture where they literally ruin the careers of others with whom they disagree. Antifa, in America, typically are cowards. They'll approach a large gathering and wait until the sturdy men among them have left. Then, they'll attack older adults, the weak, and the frail, and batter them without mercy, as has happened in Seattle, Portland, Berkeley, and many other cities.

Antifa members tend to be disgruntled, underemployed males, often led by professors or those on the left who show an inkling of intellectual capacity. Many in the Antifa rank-and-file don't fully comprehend why they riot, loot, and incite violence. They have vague notions that their actions are beneficial for the society that they seek to "reform." They are roused by utopian ideals of global government which will magically improve the lives of everyone on Earth.


Why don't they form a political party and have leaders who speak openly on political talk shows? Certainly, CNN and MSNBC would host them. 

Why do they wear masks, if they're committed to their cause and proud of what they do? Why creep around incognito? Why exactly do they slither in the dark? We can all guess why. It's because they are vile and detrimental to any society in which they exist.

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