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What If the Deep State Has No Bottom?

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What if the so-called deep state, as characterized by the recent activities of two, out of many, U.S. federal government agencies, is much deeper than we can all believe?


Of late, exceedingly troubling developments have emerged. The CIA, created under the National Security Act of 1947, was never supposed to spy on American citizens. Its mission was “to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence to assist the President and senior U.S. government policymakers in making decisions relating to national security.”

A Rogue Agency and Getting Worse

In recent years, in violation of the law, the CIA has spied on American citizens, undertaken domestic acts outside of its purview, and operated a rogue agency. Under the direction of John Brennan, as deep a swamp creature as has ever existed, the CIA engaged in long-term illegal operations against the Trump campaign and, even after Brennan, carried it over to the Trump Administration. 

Time will tell if the CIA was involved in manipulating the 2020 election. CIA servers positioned in Germany may have received election data which was then recalibrated in some way and sent back to the US. Why does this relay even exist?

With a Biden Administration, if it were to happen, the CIA would grow ever more powerful, eventually manipulating nearly every aspect of American politics, let alone foreign policy and defense. 


A Strong Drift off Course

The CIA is supposed to consist of dedicated personnel who watch out for the welfare of American citizens and American interests around the globe. Gina Haspel, the first female director, has intentionally slow-walked legitimate Freedom of Information requests and knowingly impeded lawful investigations into agency activities.

Presumably, Haspel is maintaining some sort of loyalty to staff and peers, but this is not part of her job description. She needs to be loyal to the president, the country, and her oath of office. Haspel should be fired and walked out of her office immediately, with all files, computers, and records kept out of her reach forevermore, as a thorough investigation takes place as to why she has resisted.

FBI: Unlawful, Inept, and Uncooperative

A second U.S. federal government agency, among so many others, has been unlawful, inept, uncooperative, and even diabolical. In assessing the FBI, my goodness, where can one even start? Before James Comey, going back to Robert Mueller, and even before him, the agency had gone rogue.

The FBI selectively pursues certain cases and individuals, and selectively ignores others. The agency’s allegiance to the U.S., to the Department of Justice, and to its own mission has strayed so far off course, one wonders why anyone aspires to lead the agency. 


James Comey, in particular, is deceitful, cunning, and treasonous. While not on the same level as J. Edgar Hoover, Comey has flouted the law so often that he belongs in prison, now.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn't have the chops to take any action. Bill Barr moves more slowly than a sloth in hibernation. Why he hasn’t acted is a mystery for the ages: Comey has already lied under oath to Congress. Yet Barr and company have done nothing. 

Some pundits conclude that Barr has bigger fish to fry, but months and years have rolled by and Comey is not only walking free, he is still shooting his mouth off, collecting royalties from his book of lies, and on the faculty of the College of William & Mary teaching ethical leadership. He also has been retained by Columbia University to lead a seminar titled “Lawyers and Leaders." Those poor students don’t have a chance!

Wray: A Study in Disaster

The FBI under Christopher Wray is not much better than under Comey. I say with kindness, Wray is a complete weasel. He has a pained look every time he's in front of Congress: He knows he's not telling the whole story. He is either an outright never Trumper or a secret never Trumper who is doing little to restore trust in the agency. 


There's no telling what Wray is up to, but whatever it is, it portends badly for our country. He claims, for example, that Antifa is not an organization, merely an ideology.

During the 2020 election fiasco, the FBI has been tasked to investigate. Wray promptly delayed for six to eight days, and even then, is doing about one tenth of what could be done. Like Gina Haspel, Wray needs to be fired immediately; walked out of the building; and have all his files, computers, software, thumb drives, etc., analyzed. 

Other agencies are equally inept or simply rogue – the topic of future articles. For now, let’s merely say that the CIA and the FBI are not the institutions that they once were, have betrayed the U.S. badly, and will not improve without major reorganization. The rank-and-file of both agencies could still be competent and trustworthy, but the upper echelon surely is not.

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