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Our Collective Will Is Vital Right Now

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In recent articles, I discussed the importance of keeping the faith, standing strong, and showing our support for free and fair elections. Exactly why all this is vital represents much more than platitudes: Five of the six remaining swing states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia each have state legislators with Republicans in the majority. 


State Legislators Rule 

Based on the Constitution, the state legislators have the power to direct election proceedings in their respective states. Judges cannot make rulings that upend the legislators. Governor, secretaries of state, and board of election executive directors likewise cannot. 

Since five of the six remaining states have Republican legislator majorities, and while legal scholars might disagree, these five can protect the integrity of their state’s election procedures in the face of massive fraud. State legislators can do much to influence their constituents and summon the will of the people to help ensure that the rightful candidate receives the electoral votes from their state.

Regardless of what happens in court to the lawsuits brought by the Trump legal team, whether judges respond yea or nay, play political games, are intimidated by the Left, or have been bought off, we have a tremendous opportunity to give Donald Trump his deserved second term. How so?

No one outside of the legislature can issue an edict, a ruling, a judgment, an executive order, a resolution, or what have you, to overturn voting procedures put in place by their state's legislature. And, each of the republican-dominated legislatures can rally their voters to make themselves heard.

The Law is the Law

The legislative body controls the voting process. After the Pennsylvania hearing on fraud, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the existing results will stand and be certified. The will of the people, however, including the Republican legislators – who are in the majority – were exposed to a preponderance of detailed testimony about Democrat election and voter fraud. And, they have it in their power to highlight the election fraud to the point where the Supreme Court justices will have to notice, as if they haven’t already!


Likewise, in each of the other states, the Trump legal team will hold rallies, such as the one in Arizona on Monday. Republican legislators in Arizona will encounter the detailed testimony, given by eyewitnesses, who have submitted sworn affidavits under the penalty of perjury. Such legislators in attendance and all others will be provided with exceedingly clear accounts about the election fraud and vote fraud theft that took place. 

Our Part

Here is where you and I enter the picture. We must continue to talk up the fact that the election was stolen: We need to write to our representatives, or call, or visit. We should send letters to the editors of respective newspapers. In short, we need to make a loud and long joyful noise. In doing so, we can change the tide and ultimately convince those in authority to do what is right. 

Even with the Republican state legislative majorities, some undoubtedly are RINOs and some might vacillate. Some don't want to upset the apple cart, while others might fear repercussions. Some are just dense – stupidity happens. 

As the hearings unfold in each of the swing states, added to our collective voices, the results can be promising. This is our mission; what we are here to do. We intend to keep Joe Biden out of the White House and to save this country. This is among the most important ventures in the history of our nation. We have to re-install Donald Trump.

Eyes on the Prize


We must make a stand. Ignore mainstream media coverage that says Trump has no chance. Disregard conservatives who’ve bought into the facade. Abandon the search engines, particularly Google which does not offer a balanced set of hits on any search topics related to the fraud, even after five pages. Ignore all of the naysayers. 

Most of the high-ranking Democrats likely know the truth. You certainly know the truth. Donald Trump knows the truth. Let’s ensure that all nine Supreme Court Justices know the truth, even Roberts, Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor. Let’s prevail.

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