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Joe Biden's Playtime Fun House

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My daughter was completely overjoyed on her 8th birthday when she received Barbie’s ‘playtime folding fun house.’ She couldn't wait to assemble it, arrange the furniture, and position her various Barbies all over the house. For an eight-year-old, this was not merely a wonderful time, it was pure bliss. 


With the White House as his ‘presumed’ playhouse, Joe Biden, in his fluctuating mental state, likely is experiencing the same thing at this moment. Biden might well be in the White House in the future, but merely as a guest at some function, for a few hours or less, and that’s it. 

I suspect on some level, Democrats and those on the Left already know that they have lost the presidency. That is why the ‘mainstream’ media is pushing so hard and so fast in articles and features, around the clock, portraying Joe Biden as the president-elect. 

Fast and Furious

The media machine is coughing up a detailed analysis of Biden’s ‘cabinet’ picks, senior advisors, White House staff, diplomatic corps, and so on. As Jenna Ellis, on the Trump campaign legal team said on Twitter, “All this media chatter of Joe Biden picking his cabinet is like fantasy football. Meaningless in the real game.”

Meanwhile, the inner sanctum, Biden, and Harris likely included, know that it's merely a matter of weeks before the massive Democrat election and voter fraud is exposed, particularly in the six swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, but perhaps elsewhere. 

CNN and MSNBC, more vigilantly than ever, are denying that any election fraud took place. Chris Cillizza, a highly compromised CNN Editor-at-Large and 'journalist,' who focuses on national politics, including the presidency, congress, and congressional districts, wrote that Wednesdays’ the Pennsylvania voter fraud hearing was lame. 


Mr. Cillizza, congenitally incapable of rational reporting, ignored detailed testimony and mountains of evidence proving election and voter fraud. He stated that there is no evidence of election fraud whatsoever, this in the face of documented item after item of gross illegalities. Apparently, in his zeal to anoint Joe Biden as the President of the United States and to deny Donald Trump a rightfully earned second term, Mr. Cillizza, as with legions of other 'mainstream' 'reporters,' know no bounds.

Under Penalty of Perjury

If you are among those who tuned in to the Pennsylvania hearing, you would have seen detailed, deliberate, and emphatic testimony from numerous witnesses who encountered voter fraud on November 3rd, and in some cases, before and after that date. These people, who had signed sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury, bravely stepped up to the mic and testified in this public forum. In an organized and compelling manner, they laid it all out on the line for Pennsylvania legislators. 

After watching even three or four of the dozens of witnesses, one couldn't help but be convinced that Democrat massive election fraud did take place, throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and most likely, throughout the United States.

I'm not a psychologist and I don't even portray one on television. I do know that when a huge portion of the populace, in this case, roughly half of the United States is in deep, deep denial, some type of super-psychological phenomenon is occurring. 


Mass Delusion, or Effective Brainwashing?

With whatever psychological rationalization is required, many of those on the Left continue to regard obvious Democrat election fraud as a lie, ‘Russian disinformation,’ or Trumpist propaganda. Why? The ‘mainstream’ media has a monopoly on the news to which those on the Left are exposed. Still, authentic reports of voter fraud surely must have leaked out even among the most zealot Democrats.

Attorney Sidney Powell's two lawsuits, recently filed in Georgia and in Michigan are breathtaking in scope and boggle the imagination. Each document is voluminous, stuffed with details, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Some of the defendants are state governors. In detail, the lawsuits cite the specific ploys to undermine the elections in each state. Each document is presented with appropriate statutes and laws, pertinent to each state, that was grossly violated.

For Leftists to remain in denial much longer portends an ominous trend. I fear that these people have been brainwashed. Perhaps their cases are beyond hope, and they possibly can never be restored to become functioning members in the world of reality. I have friends who fall into this camp, and I am concerned. They are dupes of a media machine that has controlled them for years, if not decades, if not for their entire lives.                                                                                  


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