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In the hometown of my youth, Bloomfield, Connecticut, I heard a joke when the first fast-food restaurants started entering the community. A customer walks in and is greeted at the counter by a worker who says, "May I take your order?" The customer says, "Yes, I'll have a chocolate milkshake and a slice of apple pie." The fast-food worker asks, "Would you like some dessert to go with that?"


When you've been trained, or more likely programmed, to react a certain way regardless of the stimulus you're likely to offer a strange response. Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee Chair, and Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, spoke at a news conference on November 9, 2020. They discussed the Trump campaign’s ongoing legal strategy over the highly contested election. Ronna McDaniel spoke about the mounting evidence of Democrat election fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. 

Denial is not a River in Egypt

She informed the attending "reporters" that the National Committee and its legal counsel, up to that point, had collected 130 affidavits just in Michigan from election workers who personally witnessed incidences of fraud. Also, she cited 682,479 ballots tabulated in Pennsylvania where poll observers were not allowed to do their jobs.

Perhaps not surprisingly, McDaniel and McEnany received odd responses: silence, denial, and even extreme doubt.

Keep in mind that preparing and signing a legal affidavit for submission to a court is serious business. If you're lying, it is a crime and you will be punished. The Trump campaign now has more than 200 affidavits. Are that many people willing to risk going to prison for perjury? On top of that, these election workers also risked character attacks as, in almost every case, their respective precincts were filled with Democratic operatives who do not look kindly upon such disclosures.

On cue, in near unison, the mainstream ‘reporters’ commented, “But do you have any evidence?”


A Domestic Disinformation Campaign

As is well-known by the Right, in the face of undeniable evidence our nation’s media machine reflexively responds with, “We don't see it" or “That’s Russian disinformation.” At the least, you can count on the media not printing a single word about such evidence. Ignorance or, more accurately, feigned denial of the obvious, however, in no way diminishes the obvious.

In the weeks leading up to the election, we’ve witnessed the mainstream media effectively censoring all news about Huntergate. Despite voluminous documentation about the Biden Crime Family’s payola schemes in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and other countries, the press reported nothing about it. 

Joe Biden's continuing dementia? Not a word about it. Following Tara Reid’s credible accusation of sexual assault, The New York Times went out of its way to declare that Biden was basically a good guy and that no "pattern" of sexual misconduct emerged. It is easily shown Biden has a long-standing problem regarding the personal space of females, young and old, whom he encounters.  But the press is "unaware."

Some 4.6 percent of Biden voters indicated that they would not have voted for him had they known about Huntergate prior to the election. A 4.6 percent margin, of course, would flip the vote in every swing state.

Holding Back the Dam

How long can the mainstream media hold back the dam before the flood of information starts trickling through? How long before information leaks out which is so compelling that even the most ignorant rank-and-file Biden voters begin to sense that Biden is never going to make it to the White House? 


A recount in Wisconsin might give Trump that state. In Georgia, recount prospects are decent for Trump. Malfeasance in Detroit, Michigan, and Clark County, Nevada could ultimately bode well for the GOP. 

The big prize is Pennsylvania, where scheming in metro Philadelphia and metro Pittsburgh has thrown the state temporarily to Biden. Trump's lawyers assert that Biden's 60,000 vote lead won’t last. If Biden loses, or should we say when Biden loses Pennsylvania, he'll be back to 284 electoral votes. It might take only one other state, pulled from his total, and he's out of the running for president. 

It doesn't matter how many parades they have in your town, how many times Kamala Harris goes on TV and is lauded for being a historic first. Biden and Harris are not going to be sworn in as president and vice-president. Remember, denial of the obvious does not diminish the obvious.

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