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Sections of the Swamp That Should Have Been Drained Already

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Even with the Left’s numerous vote fraud schemes, Donald Trump’s lead in battleground states will be sufficient to satisfy the Left’s most treacherous and most gullible members. Just kidding -- NOTHING will satisfy them. Nevertheless, the President will win re-election despite the Left's pervasive cheating.

Performing Without a Net 

Prior to November 3rd, certain developments should have occurred. It’s absurd that John Durham didn’t finish his work or release some crucial findings by mid-September. Yes, the Left’s criminality is massive and uncovering one treasonous transgression leads to another. Still, if Biden was ever elected, Durham would have only ten weeks to make indictments and follow through – too risky as, obviously, the Democrats would shut him down completely and the swamp would prevail, perhaps forevermore.

By now, Christopher Wray should have been fired. He's a disgrace to the FBI, Department of Justice, and law enforcement in general, much like James Comey was. Since day one, Wray’s inaction suggests that he’s been compromised. He is a serial liar, protects a special class, and seemingly has no intention of following the rule of law.

Gina Haspel, the first female director of the CIA, is too secretive. She has slow-walked documents that would reveal the intensive plot to undermine President Trump. There's no excuse for the CIA’s non-compliance, especially following Congressional as well as Freedom of Information requests. Haspel should’ve been fired and replaced by now with a director who will lead the agency in the highest spirit of government service.

Why Not Lock Her Up?

Hillary Clinton should have been indicted, tried, and sentenced by now. Seeking to destroy 33,000 subpoenaed emails (she thought she had destroyed them) represents 33,000 infractions of the law. Even one subpoenaed email has gotten other people prison time. Clinton apparently is above the law; a clear indication of America’s two-tiered justice system.

Bill Barr apparently seeks to uphold the law. However, he's been too slow to the draw. In the face of substantial evidence of malfeasance, extracted by Judicial Watch and Project Veritas – groups concerned with preserving our republic – Barr has been lax. 

Yes, the Department of Justice is a cesspool that Barr inherited from the habitually weak Jeff Sessions, the corrupted Loretta Lynch, and the serial criminal Eric Holder. Still, he's been in office long enough to have taken some action. One itty, bitty FBI lawyer has been indicted and that's it? Give me a break.

Rein in the Web Gatekeepers

Big Tech should have been reined in by now. Hauling them into Congress after November 3rd is pure folly. If Trump wasn't re-elected, what would be the value in grilling Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg after the fact? They’re guilty of offering Democrats in-kind election interference – a federal crime. 

Big Tech, especially Google, have contorted user search results, blackballed specific GOP individuals and groups, canceled accounts, and more. They merit losing a key privilege. Federal law, Section 230, grants special status, usually reserved for public utilities, to private technology companies. Clearly, Twitter and Facebook are no longer public utilities.

Google should have been broken up into numerous smaller companies. They've been doctoring search results for years. Their STATED intent is to overthrow the president, thus enabling the highly compromised, pathetically weak, Joe Biden to take command.

Google supports the weakest presidential ticket in U.S. history, except, possibly, for McGovern and Eagleton (who was replaced by Shriver) in 1972. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, however, don't belong in government at all.

So Much Swamp, So Little Time

Substantial, corroborated evidence is already available to indict James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, William McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, and so many others.

Christine Blasey Ford, by the way, whose multiple lies to Congress have been thoroughly exposed, should have been indicated, if only to deter the Left from ever pulling such a stunt as witnessed in the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.

Finally, sufficient evidence is available to indict George Soros, the world's master manipulator of sovereign nations, under the RICO Act. This Hungarian ‘Doctor Doom’ should never have been allowed to step foot in America. Since then, he has sought to tear America down. Evidence of his treason is ample, and the penalty for treason, even for a deranged 90-year old, is and should be severe.

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