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“Not even a smidgen of corruption.” That phrase was uttered by Barack Obama, following revelations about the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and then again following disclosures about Hillary Clinton and her numerous schemes to skirt U.S. State Department rules and federal subpoenas. Obama’s words could soon prove to be among the most infamous in U.S. presidential history -- for their utter dishonesty. 


Joe Biden, who launched his 2020 presidential campaign in April, 2019, proclaimed that there was “not one single whisper of scandal" during the Obama/Biden administration. Wow. These guys were made for each other.

With what is currently being uncovered about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Biden crime family – amply laid out in many other articles and in many other ways – Barack Obama had to have known about Joe and Hunter Biden's escapades. When Obama knew of the Biden’s play for pay, and the part Obama played in condoning or allowing them to proceed is soon to be pinpointed. In any event, Obama cannot deny his knowledge of what transpired.

Items Obama ‘Didn’t Know’

Substantial documentation shows that during his presidency, Obama claimed that he had no knowledge of the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal; Black Panther voter intimidation; Veterans Administration scandals; NSA spying on foreign heads of state such as Angela Merkel, and on France and Japan; NSA spying on reporters and on average citizens; and his own Justice Department pursuing a vigorous ideological agenda rather that upholding the U.S. Constitution.

Obama claimed to be unaware of the IRS ploy to destroy tens of thousands of emails sought by the House Oversight Committee; the 21.5 million social security numbers hacked from the Office of Personnel Management computer system; and the EPA and other government agencies paying poor performers not to work, for years, as their cases winded through respective federal bureaucracies. 


He insisted that he had no involvement in dispatching his senior advisor, Susan Rice, on a two-week round of political talk shows where she boldly asserted that an insulting video had prompted the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi. 

Previously a constitutional law professor, Obama was somehow unaware that issuing exemptions and tinkering with the Affordable Care Act was against the law.

Not One Single Whisper

In recent weeks, unclassified documents allegedly reveal that Hillary Clinton initiated the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory to take the heat off of her crimes. John Brennan, CIA Director and leading swamp creature, is reported to have told Obama about Hillary's ploy during her 2016 campaign season. If so, Obama and Biden had in-depth knowledge that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia and, concurrently, sat by when their own former Secretary of State committed some of the most egregious, high treason crimes in U.S. history, aided and abetted by the CIA and the FBI.

As an aside, Obama and Biden also were silent for years while the Mueller committee tore into the Trump administration and into the fabric of our nation. Mueller came up with nothing, of course, because there was nothing to find.


As such, an ultra-compelling question emerges. What type of individuals, what kind of commander-in-chief of the U.S. and his vice president ‘serving’ for eight years, and knowing all that they knew, contorted and thwarted our Democratic processes?

What type of current presidential Democrat candidate would proclaim that there was "not one single whisper of scandal" during the Obama/Biden administration? What variety of sick soul, what kind of sordid and twisted mind, what brand of arrogance, and what level of conceit would prompt someone to make such a statement?

The Media Running Cover

Is it possible – is it likely – that propped up by a sycophant mainstream media, Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, etc., knew that they wouldn’t be taken to task for their crimes against our representative democracy? Did they all know that, in the main, the press would not turn on them because, indeed, the press is in cahoots with the Democrat Party, liberals, and ‘progressives’ in general? To all the above, I guess yes.

In recent months, Leftist riots and even murders have been shielded by the mainstream media. The swamp is much deeper and more insidious than any of us can imagine. Donald Trump was correct in his first inaugural address; he had insights about the epidemic proportions of the rot that has infected our highest levels of government.


Pray or visualize that this election empowers a full Republican slate from president, to Congress, to governorships, and all the way down. Then, influence your friends and neighbors, for their own sake and for the sake of America. This is the most critical election in our history because if we lose, our country won’t recover.

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