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Inform Your Liberal Friends What You're Voting For

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Unquestionably, it's becoming awkward to engage in conversations with your liberal friends. They are aghast to hear that you ‘still’ intend to vote for Donald Trump. They will refer to numerous elements of his personality which they don't like. They will refer to media reports, which surround them, portraying Trump in a highly negative light.

So, how do you reach them? How do you convey to them what you are truly voting for in this election? Perhaps the following points will work for you.

I’m Voting For...

If someone asks, “Why are you voting for Trump?” deflect the question and say actually, I'm voting to maintain First Amendment rights for everyone. I'm voting for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, which is sometimes under attack in this country, certainly for Christians. I believe that everyone has a right to speak, not to be censored or cancelled by factions within the U.S. who believe only they have a right to free speech. 

Tell them that you're voting for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These are vital documents which guide us to this day. Tell them that you're voting for the Electoral College which ensures that ‘Fly Over’ states and those with small populations will continue to be important on the national scene, and not be overlooked because of mega-states – New York, California, Illinois,  Florida, and Texas. 

Tell them you’re voting for Supreme Court justices who interpret the U.S. Constitution as written, who do not legislate from the bench, and who are not partisan hacks who vote only one way in case after case. Tell them you're voting for the appointment of federal judges at the circuit level, on down, who uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and who also do not legislate from the bench. That should silence some of your friends who are otherwise aghast. 

I’m Just Getting Warmed Up

If the ball really gets rolling, tell them that you're voting to uphold the Second Amendment and your right to defend yourself and your family, if needed. Remind them that the National Rifle Association (NRA) members are not in the news as mass murderers or serial killers. Those who own and responsibly use guns are the least of law enforcement’s concerns.

Speaking of law enforcement, tell them that you're voting for law and order, and to uphold and maintain a viable, effective police force, not to defund police forces and allow cities to descend into chaos. Tell them that you're voting for cities in which it is safe to operate a business, to walk, and even to appear in the evening.

Tell them that you're voting for peace around the world, and you’re glad that many of our troops can return from foreign lands, and not be involved in unwinnable wars or ancient hostilities between warring groups. Tell them that you're voting for continued peace in the Middle East, where the president has already made great strides. Tell them that you're voting for the rights and benefits that our military veterans deserve for having served. 

Tell them, as well, that you’re voting to put a halt to human and child trafficking around the world, and especially those that are brought against their will to the U.S.

Borders Matter

Tell them that you want secure U.S. borders and you don't wish to be flooded by illegal immigrants however they arrive – by air, by land, or by sea. We are a sovereign nation of laws and you have no intent on being overrun by hundreds of thousands, if not multi-millions, who would arrive here in a heartbeat if they were allowed.

Tell them that you're voting to keep jobs in the U.S. and not have them be outsourced to Mexico, the rest of South America, China, or the rest of Southeast Asia.

Tell them that you're voting for our heritage, which has taken more than 230 years to build, and despite past national sins and current challenges, we're getting better all the time. Tell them that you're voting for not merely a single presidential candidate, but for the future of the country, and the future of your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren. 

Tell them you're voting for all the above, and so much more.

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